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Thoughts from prison

Shawshank Redemption remains my favourite movie. Maybe because I’m in drone world at the moment. So there’s a connection.

Inmates vs a job u don’t ever want. Something to bring in the mula. It’s interesting how the masses walk the plank they don’t want to walk, have relationships they don’t want to have and have the lives they don’t want to live…then of course.

one day your heart gives out…and it’s all over.

It’s 5 more days in drone world for me. And much as I hate it, and detest every living moment of it, there is an unexplained sense of nostalgia as I empty out my desk at drone world. Of course, at the back of my mind is Morgan Freeman packing away his stuff in the cell he spent most his life in, and feeling the same.

I can’t explain it, but there’s a feeling of loss as I enter freedom. I’m excited about the possibilities yes, and a little fearful of what is to come. Still I’m mostly elated at the prospect of leading this life my way. The best, I guess, is that I never have to wish my weekdays away again.

Next week, my fellow inmates are holding a farewell party for me. I’ve told them I’d try not to come crawling back. I can only try right? Life’s really about choices…

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Lenore's song diaries

Dear all

As I might have more than subtly mentioned, the vid clip is happening this week. After weeks of test shots, this is the week we are putting it all together…

Here are the diaries thus far on…

The vid clip of Lenore’s song starts of with Matt Carter and I deciding that we would do a video clip together…you’ve got to credit events like CONFLUX when stuff like this happens.

Matt and I met at CONFLUX. I was invited to play there and he was amongst the audience…one of those who quietly bought the EP and walked away after. It wasn’t until Continuum (otherwise known unofficially as GaimanCON) that he came to say Hi and paid his compliments.

I’d say it was the common love for Sci-fi and fantasy – we hit it off quite well…more importantly I became a fan of his works when Matt showed his films to me…so the next thing we know…

Matt goes off to talent pool and rob bank. I played accomplice.

Matt returns with film geniuses who pitch jaw dropping ideas. We ended up with Tahnee McGuire’s idea — Because she’s been invading my headspace heaps and termite tunnelling through it.

After months of planning, it’s finally a goer, and a platoon full of production talents have come on board.

I’ve not been involved in much of the technical processes. Much as I love film making DVDs lots of issues brought up and discussed amongst the team probably went over my head a little… for a chaotic creative like me, planning meetings are always a tad overwhelming…

Here’s what I got involved in upfront though…

Day 1 – Make up tests

“Your skin is too dry
Your hair is too straight
You’re a real hairball
Blah blah blah…yahahaha…”

Ok no, no one said that. But the skin regime advised after the first session of make up says it all.

First I don’t drink enough, I don’t moisturise enough and I don’t exfoliate enough.

Guilty of all 3, I have other priorities other than sand papering me skin. Now whisked into the make-up studios, I think the attention showered by Debbie Mullermade me feel like this


I suppose I don’t do diva well.

I’m supposed to be some sort of being ghost thingee person haunting an empty stage. So here’s me.


We’re still figuring what to use, hence the schizo make-up. Saves Debbie the trouble of having to masterpiece twice over.

Tahnee can now get 2 side profile shots on 1 face…and I get to see what happens when I bitch fight in a bar.
black eye

The general consensus is that that I look as me as possible. So I probably won’t spend much time looking like this…


More like this…and I agree. (minus the lips…I look like I got kissing cramps)


Air Borne zombie viruses

Sometimes I think, in another lifetime, I would be burnt as a heretic.

Then again, a lot of my best friends would, then we would have some sort of revolution in the metaphysical world,build an alternative from heaven and hell and actually have some fun…

Sometimes I just dream wierd and need to remove my zombie wallpaper as my friend Queenie would observe. Queenie by the way is a manga artist and you should all go check out her latest work “The dreaming”. It’s old school scary, as in, it actually has a pretty damn good plot compared to alot of the muck that’s available at the moment.

Back to my dream.

Some nights ago, I was running way from Zombies. They were still the same meat-eating idiots that remind me of Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemeist. Then there was something different,

The Zombie virus was also air-born.

The good news was of course, you always knew who the Air-borne carriers were. The bad? You had 60secs to leave the 100metre radius of destruction. Air-borne zombie carriers look like us and are not zombies. The only outstanding thing about them was this:

At random notice, air-borne Zombie carriers head, trance like to the nearest public space, start singing this piercing, haunting tune. and then hack blood balls that go bouncing off the floor before they burst…then anyone within line of sight become zombies.

Of course, after seeing one such blood ball explode I woke up.

No, didn’t become zombie.

Yes looked up meaning of zombie in dreams just for the heck of it. Apparently zombies represent the mundane. Running away from Zombies means running away from the mundane life. In my case…my life as a corporate drone.

I didn’t become zombie. Please let this be a sign that my music will take me far far away from the corporate zone.

I insist on dreaming today…after all my boss just informed me that my cosy 4 day office gig was going to be advertised as a 5 day one…which in all probability means that some movement is on the cards…

Day job wise.

Melbourne, and soul whoring

Missed me? Just reeling back to reality after a short stint to Melb. Doing the whole full time thing for the remaining 5 weeks to get as much mula $$$ as spiritually possible. Yes, whoring the soul for the last time…hopefully. So here are a couple of back posts, mostly because I refuse to fund internet cafes – even for the shortest time….because it’s simply too painful to watch valued internet time slip by….

Lenore Virus

Dunno how you guys did it, but Lenore has jumped from Zero views to 881 and counting on youtube in ONE day. Keep spreading minions. Great job.

Help spidey eat the Goliath majors.

Thanks for buying the albums too! I’d love to hear what you thought of it. I already had a very detailed breakdown of the tunes from a fan/friend. I’d like more of those.

Will post his email up in a little bit + my replies. 🙂

PS: once again Thank u Warren Ellis and His Holy Slut Army. Once again, I acknowledge your power Mr Ellis. Allow me the honour of writing your hymns when you decide to become God.

Lenore's Song Vid Clip is here

Dear all,
You heard about the machine killing. You heard the editor’s cries.

Now…. View the terror that is Lenore’s Song

I ask that you make her curse viral, I ask that you hit the “share” buton (bottom right) and paste the youtube code on whatever online space you got. We ask you to tell your friends.

We thank you.
Spread the curse that is Lenore.
Better yet, help me stick the concepts of marketing music up the major label’s Royal Asses.

—end cheesy horror message—

You should be working

For those still at work. Here’s a some source of afternoon entertainment, if you are bored or just determined to get fired.

Check out the webcomics entry (bottom) I have inadvertently spent the afternoon following their links. The blog features some pretty interesting discusssions on some of my favourite writers Garth Ennis and Warren Ellis.

I happen to know that these people know their schtuff, we exchange libraries from time to time.

Download Lenore's Song video clip

For those who have been requesting a copy of Lenore’s Song Video clip, a lo-res version is now available for download here


Else, it’s included in the album you can buy..


Minions who rob my speech

Today’s minion of the day goes out to both
Youri Zoutman — who has Yunyu-fied his laptop.


Whoever posted on this NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK Dutch website (scroll to middle). I cannot understand Dutch so I am laughing because I’m superimposed on a site that (graphically) looks like porn. someone please translate what

“Een beetje net zo’n dwerg als Björk maar dan van Oosterse origine en zonder doorlopende wengbrauwen. Heeft wat kittigs.” means.

I am amused and curious, mostly amused…I think. I’ve gotten as far as knowing that it’s Bjork related. yeah?

***This post is dedicated to all minions who have been spreading spidey’s word in their own ingenious little ways 🙂 Thank you.***

Apologies to the Norminions

Spidey bestows humblest apologies to Norminions. CDBABY’s supplies have dried up a lot quicker than I thought it would. Don’t fret minions, still plenty of special minion packages.

I have sent them on their way via express and they should reach CDBABY before the end of this week. I will let you know and extend the special minion prices by a couple more days. 🙂

Wait a bit yeah?

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