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Of THREE things. of FREE things. of Happy things.

Dear spiderlings.

At this point your royal madness is doing happy gnome dances because things are going great. 🙂 I’m dead tired of course, but things are just beginning and they are beginning in the most encouraging way possible. 2 radio interviews this week on ABC and newspaper coverage of the wonderful book BURN BRIGHT by Marianne de Pierres and the book single, ANGEL ARIAS, by your royal Madness.

Plus I just got invited to the Brisbane Writer’s festival. I think I’m gonna cry rainbow tears now.

So to celebrate, because more new things are coming out I’m giving away 3 FREE tracks to those who join the mailing list, and those who are already on it…three free things are on it’s way to you.



They are old things, but they are GOOD things. And as a welcome to new faces who stumble your way here, they are for you….while you wait for some NEW things.

For the NEW things are not far now.

Meanwhile…the nearest available NEW thing

and on itunes

Messing with your reality always…
Your Royal Madness

ps: now I’m back to my writing hole writing a theme song for a film in development that possibly involves me learning old nordic words….

Oh my! ANGEL ARIAS is out!

Finally! It’s been a long time coming. Angel Arias is finally here! You can buy it all on Bandcamp or on itunes. Links here



BUY Angel Arias


Oh me oh my! Few thanks in order (and in no particular order) :

To my family and minions who wait, prod, ask, show love,entertain, and thenwait some more for new things to come. This is for you. Thanks for so very patient and kind. We know it’s been awhile…

Special thanks to Random House, Curtis Brown Literary for making it all happen. Tara, Zoe, Peri, Justin…Thanks for taking the foray with Marianne and I into unknown and exciting territories.

Big thanks to the lovelies at Elmac Creative, Alissa, Carolyn and friend/mentor/manager Lee McIver. Thanks for encouraging and polishing the madness that longs to be free.

Also to MGM, Mark, Mell and Sebestian…for offering so much help in getting Angel Arias out. Weeeeee!!! We did it!

Also thanks to the folks at Coolshite on the tube, who are always at the ready to help spread the word. 😀

And lastly and very especially, Thank you Marianne, for allowing my muses to frolic in your universe. They’ve enjoyed every moment and were last seen in a carriage heading towards Danksoi with Ruzalia. They’ve sent a post card with only 2 words.

Burn Bright and Angel Arias burn brightly in Courier Mail

Courier Mail coverage…

This coverage from Courier Mail definitely made my day.

In other news, I have an interview with the Daily Telegraph tomorrow to look forward to, and then it’s more war room stuff…and writing. Back to writing. There’s a movie script on my desk yelling at me to be looked at…and I’m yelling back with rude things and not really meaning it. No time no time no time… 🙂

The truth is… I’m one happy preppy puddle of joy at the moment…but crazy busy.

***ANGEL ARIAS out this FRI!!***

That plus the fact that Angel Arias is out this Friday. What more can a girl ask for? (ahem…heaps more actually…like MORE time…where does it go?)

Angel Arias by Yunyu

The artwork is done by the very talented Catherine Geaney. Catherine Geaney is a digital artist who graduated in 2010 specializing in illustration, animation and film. A passion for all kinds of creative projects and always interested in exploring new styles. Other interests include Japanese and reading too much. See her work at

***Coolshite interview, giveaways galore***

REMINDER: Marianne de Pierres and Your Royal Madness are doing an interview on the coolshite podcast on all things BURN BRIGHT and ANGEL ARIAS. So tune in for the goss, the genesis of the collaboration and the tales….which I promise are very entertaining.

      You can send questions to remember….the best asked questions get sent a gift pack –

A SIGNED BOOK + SINGLE (Burn Bright and Angel Arias combo) by yours truly and Marianne de Pierres

Angel Arias by Yunyu

There are also giveaways on my facebook page on if you tune in Australia time – Morning ish… We have 2 more Giveaways to go…so tune in!!

Your Royal Madness

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