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Poisoned Music

How’s everyone?
A rather belated Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. 🙂

I’m still in the throes of writing and talking to myself heaps. It’s fun stuff …especially when I have guests. It’s an effort to remember that most people are creeped out by the prospect of the self sufficient conversationalist…and I should perhaps stop that habit.

Anyways, one of my pet distractions has become playing with comic life when I take my breaks from my musical writings. Here it is…a remake of an old tale.

Hope u like. 5 pages. All pics again sourced from Master Google because your royal madness draws worse than elementary school kids.

Let me know what u think. Or you can tell me to stay with my music :P. I’ll go back to my lair now.

Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

The Girl in the Dungeon

Hola all
drop in blogging activity as I return to the studios for a bit of a writing stint. I’ve had so many voices beseige me in the last couple of hours I’ve either been drugged or am going mad. Either ways, I intend to profit from it, which is write. write write.

Maybe the masterpieces I create will pay for my medical bills as I descend into my madness. Ahhh…the universe tends to work itself out.

So if you are curious at all this is where I have been spending the last couple of days. This is a pic of it in day time — me humble home studio. But I hate heat and light, especially when I write so….



(pic has been substantially brightened using photoshop)

In other news, Lenore’s Song has won Gold for the Australian Cinematographer’s Society creaming some entries from Major Labels. Much Joy for the crew

Also rehearsing lots for a gig in Peats Ridge. Much camping and hippie living in store. Some sun involved…eek.

Lenore’s Song is being Dugg

Hmm…Just realised that Lenore’s Song is being Dugg. Thanks to

Help me send it to the top of the Digg Charts? Most original music videos that actually make it up there are from majors anyways, would be kinda cool to see it up there despite the odds.  🙂 *Dream…drool…* and then maybe I can garner enough to actually physically tour….or be on the way to anways.

In other news, this week is looking good to do my filming at the graveyard. Rain seems to have let off for now. So any last minute requests for songs and covers for the online gigs are still opened.

Meanwhile I’m back to the studio. I’m working on chrismas presents for you, dear minions. :). Don’t ask me what it is. I’d never spill.

Ok, go grant Lenore’s Song a vote now. thanks again

PS: The status of Sunscreen festival will be announced 5th Dec. thanks for the fingerwork  too.
PPS: Much thanks for the smarty pants comments in the previous journal entry. u amuse me greatly. 🙂



Ahhh…the glorious feel of finally being able to sit up. A failed attempt at a Jackie Chan flying kick left me with a purple spud for my right knee cap, a sore bum and general immobility for a week.

Damn the treachery of gravity and Murphy’s Law.

Now I’m back in action, (semi anyways) and catching up with a backlog of emails. I’m also keeping a close eye on the weather so we can start filming the graveyard gigs and letting you know that they are up on youtube. Looking forward to a break from the wet weather. At least for a couple of days anyways. 🙂

There’s also the matter of a meteor shower I want to catch. So I do need the heavens to stop peeing. Apparently the some parts of UK and the US are going to get a helluva meteor shower show this year. Very Envious. The Leonids, u must go see.

In other news, Macaddict is doing a feature article for Lenore’s Song (for Jan 2007). This is of course brilliant news. They also ask pretty heavy questions that tickle my brain.

Sliding on another tangent, thanks for voting on Sunscreen Festival and telling your friends to vote. Hope for the best eh? Maybe we can get fireflies happening.

Jumping on, for those who have just joined me I can be found in the following realms



and from time to time, I can also be beeped on AOL at

drop by. beep me. I’ll be another week before I attempt more anti gravitational stunts. So tell me a story. Entertain me.

Your Royal Madness

This is important

This concerns your continued entertainment spectacular from your royal madness, dear minions

So listen up. Listen Good.

Lenore’s Song has entertained you immensely no? Now we want to make another film clip for fireflies. The existence of this film clip depends of minion strength. You see, if we win this competition, we get $10 000 to make another film clip for fireflies this time, which I promise you, will be the mother of all entertainment from the realms of your royal madness.

So yes, go here.


1) Vote
2) Badger friends to vote,
3) Use your grandma’s email account
4) Repeat step 1

This is a call to arms. Fire away minions. Your Royal madness needs you very muchly.

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