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Error 404 series – Computer Music

I originally intended this as 8 bit music but ended up having a bit too much fun with Reaktor’s Razor which is incidentally an excellent vocoder.

Part of a series of musical error 404s I made up for my entertainment. Recorded and written in an hour. A rule I have no intention of breaking. But you can get there by going to pages on my site and imagining pages that don’t exist.

Error 404 series – metal also…june july updates.

Error 404 – Metal

Lots to report but first…another Error 404 feature. This was due last week, then there was too much on. So here it is…one day late (technically on time if we consider international clocks)

Here’s a double feature of Error 404. There was a challenge laid down that I never actually EVER did metal. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a legit attempt…but points for trying eh? Also, I don’t think my throat likes metal too much.

Again since it’s part of my error 404 page a random refresh on a page that does not exist on aka will/might play this version to u.

Here is Error 404 metal  in English (Russian)

AND Russian. Special tks to my little brother Zhihao for translating it to Russian and teaching it to me. I only hope I’m intelligible. Here’s to possibly badly pronounced  Russian.

Note: Domovoi is a Russian poltergeist of sorts. I thought it made sense to feature local monsters with every translation rather than try and translate the kraken.

This month’s round up

It’s been a busy month. The joys of freelance composing is that one minute you could be lounging about biting your nails and being anxious about people getting back to you about jobs, then in another instant ,a few things that you say yes to suddenly reappear with deadlines from hell.

I no complain. It’s joyous. But after a few all nighters and working through weekends since late last month, I’m sitting in the sunshine a bit to catch my breath before plunging back in….tonight. The forecast is that I’m probably going to be swamped until the end of the year. This is a great thing.  For now, right this instant… this is me furiously catching up on blog posts, promised releases etc etc. Gotta air that composer brain a bit.

This month’s highlights? One of the scores I had to write was particularly watery and bendy. So I got it into my head that maybe I should sample instruments immersed in water and write the entire score with whatever I can pull out of the water — so to speak.

I’ve been having a little bit of fun investigating underwater recording. (hydrophones) . Here’s a DIY method, (recommends condoms)  but I ended up using balloons…I believe it’s the same effect. I recommend the ones used for animal balloons. Normal shaped ones aren’t a particularly good fit. (so to speak)


The director (Luke Marsden) is a helluva good sport and was coerced into helping with recording. Welcome to low budget film making. Here’s a wok scraped underwater recorded with SM58 underwater.

It did occur to me after that maybe there was some risk of electrocution after the fact. Ah well!  For Music and SCIENCE! (I did double bag the mic)

Few other projects I’ve been working on too with differing levels of insane sound and music experiments. I love it and can’t wait to tell all BUT I’ve been sworn to varying levels of secrecy so that’s all I can report. At least for now. Single release of Twisted Tales end of this wk. Expect something wintery. The land of OZ has been freezing over a bit.



Error 404 Series – Western

Error 404 started a bit as a practice thing for me. Also, directors I’m working with started asking me what sort of genres I like to write. Hmm…I wondered that myself given that I never saw myself belonging to any kind of genre. Also I figured there was a better way to answer that sort of question — by making multiple genres out of the same song.

If you conjure an error 404 on my site you are likely to report a different version of the same error 404 song playing each time since I pretty much have that on random. As mentioned, it might not even be in English. Because…

ok in this case Why can’t we have ALL of the languages.

So that all that doesn’t disappear into the Kraken-verse. I’ll feature a 404 here every fortnight. (You can use the link below or simply hit refresh until it decides to load the little western ditty.

Recorded and mixed in an hour (that’s the challenge). Here be my little tribute to Ennio Morricone by inserting a kidnapping scene at the end. Because what’s a western if no one gets eaten by a land kraken right?

Also, the last release of Twisted Tales was here. Next one end of this month.

Error 404 – This page/reality does not intend to exist.

So I did this awhile back. A silly little ditty to celebrate the fact that I SOMETIMES…can’t post links properly.

Or that you cannot type.

Error 404 — a celebration of Errors. Mine and/or yours.

You find it playing everytime you land on a dud link on my site.

So sometime this/last year I discovered I did like the idea of testing little musical possibilities in 45 minute bursts.

Enter the multi-genre, multi-lingual remixes of my error 404.  The self imposed rule means I have to write and record each song variant  in a 45 min block.

It’s a great way for me to flex my cross-genre muscles and break a single song format.

Is it a remix?

Is it a cover of my own stuff? Who knows?

My energies are best devoted to wondering about important things. Like…if blackholes like the taste of Goldfish…and when they come chomping I’ll know what to feed it.blackhole goldfish

I won’t tell you how many versions there are but every month I’ll feature a new version on here. (for all my/our entertainment). Also…bring a babelfish. It’s not all in English.

I will tell you, however, that error 404s have been used as a means to collect monsters.

According to the current lyrics, 404 looks like the chicken and tastes like the kraken. I’ll leave you to figure out if all versions report the same 404. 🙂 After all, 404 has many monster faces…and occupy many realities.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.48.17 PM

I’ll feature some 404s in a bit. Meanwhile, go to and hit REFRESH. 

404 has many musical faces.
I’m probably asking for it but break my website GENTLY and don’t bring on the apocalypse.

ps: in the event that you actually do…bring on the apocalypse. Feed it sushi….it most likely works


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