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The art of skirting around an issue (aka. album)

Dear minions,

How’s all? Thanks for the warm twitter welcome. I hope everyone’s well in these crazy times and keeping ok. I have missed you, dear minions. Spidey is needing internetty minion chatter to continue maintaining some facade of sanity. At least to her outside world.

I’m alright. Still working on the album, which is proving to be bigger job than all my multiple personalities combined. It’s going slowly but not badly. Thanks to my long suffering manager, the second album has become one with many crazy good people working on it, so if it calls for me to take a little more time with it, so I shall, and I hope my minions understand my need to take time with this. I just want this album to be bloody bloody good.

We’ve decided to hold back on the singles releases until the rest of the tracks are more or less completed. So, at this point I want to take the time to thank the minions who have been checking on me with pulse checking machines. Sorry for the internetty silence, but there was some intensive songwriting to be done the last couple of months and your royal madness actually managed to get pretty focused about all of it.

So for now, I can tell you that almost all the material for the album has been written , and is sitting in the later stages of production, mix master etc There might be one or 2 more tunes/tales I might like to write but they are a bonus tunes at this stage.

New album is concept album

You are going to find that I haven’t mentioned anything about anything I’ve worked on at all. The reason is simply because the new album is a concept album, so any smidgen of research/ lyric bits I reveal is probably going to give it all away and spoil the surprise for everyone. For those who might have looked hard enough at previous photos I have posted on the blog, I might have given the game away already. Those who think they have worked it out or are in the know, keep it to yourself.

Much much more importantly…knowing me and my arse luck, telling you about the contents of the album is going to jinx it all somehow.

So I’ll update u as much as I can, in the entries soon to follow… while I carefully navigate/ distract u pass the research papers/lyrics/mess that might give the game away.

So with this…just 2 teeny tiny rules of engagement.

1) please please, don’t ask me what the album is about or ask me for hints ( things will be revealed in their own time) and;
2) don’t ask me when the album is going to be done. It’s done when it’s done and you will hear about it..promise. (because, believe me that’s all I’m obsessing over at the moment).

Back shortly, wednesday to be precise. I should be back in broadband civilization by then.

your royal madness.

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