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Lenore’s Song is on ABC tonight

To the dwellers of down under,
Lenore’s Song premieres on ABC’s Rage tonight. Whoohoo!
I think it’s the first 6 clips. Details here

For those not in the know, Rage is a music vid program that runs nationally in Australia on Australian Broadcasting Channel aka ABC. For an unsigned like your royal madness here, it’s kinda like a big deal. I’m over the moon my minions. Wheee!

In other news, the general non action is because I’m in tax hell. I hate numbers, they mock me.But these beasties must be vanquished.

Coming up: How you can help your royal madness to make a music video for Firefliesanticipate some fingerwork

Also Coming up: Finally a gig announcement that will apply to all of you. Yes, even you who lives in distant distant Netherlands/US/UK/Russia/in the depths of the Australian outback

So while I battle numbers you can start with requests. It’s no big gig, just a keyboard/ a girl and a stolen grave at this stage.

What would you like to hear me play?

27 years

for those, like me, swimming in the unknown. I was going to make a journal entry but ended up with a song on a whim. As soon as I get my mic working I;ll be sure to whack demos up. everything in my demo land is breaking down….waaah

27 years
What will I make of these cross roads at hand
the sound of my cards falling way too soon
my cloudy castles are falling like sand
and I’m not on the mend

the dying of dreams it’s becoming clearer
is this the way that I must be
nothing comes close everyone’s way ahead
and I dream all alone

27 years to that mid life crisis
why does this feel like my world is ending
27 years to that mid life crisis
but I’m fraying at the seams

The pea-brained baffoon has got his big break
they scoff at my rants and call me a loon
I know that I am better, and will my chance sooner
before I break in 2

the party light’s dimming and the club dance looks cheap
where is that prince that will save my life?
the one night stand’s a flip
and the price paid too steep
I cry myself to sleep

they say I’m too young to whinge and worry
the world is my pie but I haven’t got a bite
too poor and unimportant to pay for a lover
and a sports car to run away

I’m lost in the woods and nobody has the answers
I guess this will all figure in time
my parents are human and in some cases
more screwed up than me

27 years to that midlife crisis
everything is clear and nothing is for sure
the walls are crumbling and I am changing
but I know I’m not alone
27 years….
blah {chorus}

It’s still work in progress. So if you want to tell me your nightmare version of your quarter life crisis. feel free. you can comment here or if you value your anonimity, send me an email at Your royal Spiderliness might just weave your stories in :).

back to may lair. my muses send their lovin’

ps: thanks for all the artwork and fan mail dear spiderlings. I’ve been having a little bit of a downer the past couple of days (my self doubts and bravado alternate faster than a septic sine wave) so your kind words and feedback and fan art has really cheered me up and helped me write again. I’ll look into putting up a gallery for some of your works sent my way. 🙂

Brought to u by the letter V

Still the excerpts from my desk. I’m still promising this mother of an article about youtube and stuff but being that I’m in a musical writing binge at the moment and muses have me by my hair…and I have rehearals. excuses excuses 😛

But how’s everyone anyways?

I shall bid u a hello and good day with an excerpt of lyrics that I’ve been working on…. and no I don’t know what my lyrics are talking about yet. if you have a clue let me know…
here it is…* ACK!* being yanked by the hair by the muses.

Reveal your Vainess
Beneath your Velvet Visage
your Viral Verdicts
Unveils the Vagrant Visions of your God

We’re now the visceral
our vapid venemous veins
Vanquished your Venus
your Vintage Vapours
Veils our Violent Vice

Round you up you baby kissers
Round you up you plastic promise
Round you up we’ll pay for our peace
and then we will own you

Round you up you baby kissers
Round you up you plastic promise
Round you up we’ll pay for our peace
and then we will burn you

Did we grow vacant
then vascilate and vanish
when veering vices
vex and tax the volition in us

play vengeful victims
Forgot we void our voices
to play the imbecile
and wonder why the villian’s victorious

Round you up you baby kissers
Round you up you plastic promise
Round you up we’ll pay for our peace
and then we will burn you

Round you up you baby kissers
Round you up you plastic promise
Round you up we’ll pay for our peace
and then we we’ll rebuild you

{3rd stanza = I’ll think about it later}


Coming up: when your royal madness is done with writing this piece amongst 5 others
– that mother of an article i have yet to finish.
– and how to get her Royal madness to play in your backyard. :). Yes….your backyard

Myspace is a lousy piece of pus filled CRAP!!

Dear all,

Myspace is currently crapping on itself and eating all my outgoing emails. I am not amused.

I’ve been trying to send out replies, I really really have. But myspace keeps eating it. Along with it any attempts to add friend requests. Feel free to add though, I’ll try and process the lot of you at the end of this week.

repeat: I am not amused.

Will try my luck again in about a week… if u need to contact me, her royal madness can be reached at or

cheerio. talk soon

Interview with Coolshite

Coolshite on the Tube is a podcast that dedicated to Movie reviews and all things cool.

Last week, I was honoured to be interviewed by one of the Coolshite gods, Chris.

So if you ever want to hear what the psycho bable of a Singaporean-who-is-now-based-in-Australia-who-now-is-a-musician sounds like. Here it is, go look. Send them some lovin while you are there as well. I believe they are strangers who give out lollies.

Meanwhile, I shall go and hide my head until people say nice things about the interview. I simply cannot listen to the sound of my recorded talking voice. I cannot understand why.

So listen here. Meanwhile I hide.


My album worth of songs has finally made it to itunes. The link is here

Go forth and BUY

or Tell a Friend

Ok, I’m hearing word from some of you that the DVD in the album packs aren’t working. many have this problem? Also, if you are playing it on the computer, what is the error message? I am thinking that this could be due to the different video settings used in Australia as opposed to US/ UK. (I think). This is very strange and distressing to hear because I have personally tested all the DVDs.

Give me a holler and I’ll try to solve the problemo from here. At this stage I’m thinking that bittorrenting the media files is the temporary solution while I work out what the problem is.

More details in a bit. First gimme information. Tech Geeks out there, any idea what the problem might be? Spidey needs solutions.

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