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Setting up the studio

Hey all!
the year has started with a blur of things to do. I’m working on a pitch for a Children’s series with Palm Beach Pictures and it’s all really fun. More details to follow.

Meanwhile, this is what I spent the end of last year doing after graduating from AFTRS.

I built me a badass studio desk which can host my full sized keyboard.

For a long while I had a line of hard disks balanced precariously off my table. (thus taking up all usable space), and my keyboard placed 90 degrees from the table – all very sensible until I realise I can only hear out of one side of my ear everytime I need to play something on the keyboard.

And the resulting nest of cables …which always irked me, would put the rat king to shame.

Then I found this!

Sitting at $3760 aud (not yet factoring delivery costs) this is way beyond me budget. So a little bit of furniture hacking was in order.

Note this: I am nowhere near a carpenter.

Because of this; reading up on how to install a mega-sized keyboard drawer while factoring in weight distributions for a 15kg keyboard, weight limits etc etc would have broken my very non carpentry brain. Not to mention that I really rather get this done quick smart and get back to music making. So, if one cannot make a keyboard drawer, one can make a table with a movable surface.

The idea was that I wasn’t having to loom over my keyboard when I didn’t need it (which causes hunching…which is bad) , and I could pack the keyboard away quickly when I was programming other bits and pieces/ needing the desk for something else…like blogging to u lot now.

Here’s a very non engineering bit of process notes for u.

I got me some finnvard trestle legs from ikea $100aud

I then whacked the biggest heaviest drawer slides I could find at bunnings on the top of them trestles $24

like so.


I got me an old $5 wooden panel to whack the keyboard on.

Then an $80 piece of door.

Then 2 ikea cable management trays $40 all up


All up $249AUD

Then there’s 2 days worth of drilling, swearing, drilling…and much swearing.


This is the result. I now have a place where my many drives can sit….off the table. Which is nice.

this is me setting the first few drives up. (Death nailed into the table is a firewire hub.)


Here’s the completed piece. No visible wires in sight.


And I’m a happy camper.

Back to work I say 🙂





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