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Mad news…

Surreal news. Just got an email from Channel NINE Australia saying that they would like to play Lenore’s Song this Saturday 10.30 am on the Music Jungle.

Awesome stuff. Imagine that? A little indie clip from a couple of madhats. 🙂

For those not in the know, Channel NINE is a mainstream commercial channel in Australia. Joy o joy.

48 hours to our first overseas show in Singapore. Wired. And of course, we seemed to have brought the rain with us again.

Eps 2 of the youtubed gigs will be uploaded shortly after this week, when spidey is no longer wired about her shows. Try not to break the internet while I’m gone.

Singapore here we come!

A hi from the rehearsal rooms.

It’s happening. We’re excited like little school girls. Satan is even doing a weird jiggy little thing that disturbs us because demons should not be so happy but he is. Singapore’s dates loom large. We loom close.

Here are the details

Yunyu singapore

I want to take this time to thank a few old friends from a very old place of abode for spreading the word in one way or another. Lorraine, May-anne, Fern…u know who u are. Thanks heaps :). I know my career direction must surprise some very old acquaintances, but rest assured, not much has changed. Yunyu was morbid, creepy and batshit crazy then , she’s only possibly more so now…

She blames her minions who do NOTHING to stop it and EVERYTHING to encourage it . so there 🙂

Looking forward to a catch up when we leap off the stage. It’s been 10 years for most of us hasn’t it?

p.s: Shoutout to jooce for fixing and reencoding what is essentially a very very bootleg looking gig footage. He’s removed the jitters which might make watching a little more pleasant while I try and reload what we believe are slight improvements to the home gig footage.

See it here. It might actually give u less headaches, though u still can’t see that we are playing with knives 😛

Lenore’s Song (the take your meds version)

Remember the youtube gigs I keep trying to post. Here is the first portion, welcome to our attempt to eliminate dealing with booking agents. Which we continually work on and will one day succeed in not getting screwed over by one. Because, really, there is only so much space on my shelf for voodoo dolls of booking agents and so much evil I have time for in a day.

Note the graininess as I don’t think it quite survived the transition from analogue camera to digital format. Running the clips by some experts tomorrow to see what can be done. Meanwhile, enjoy this really blurry blurry clip, which looks like a bootleg but really is not.


My bandwidth recovered this morning. It’s a glorious feeling. I hate it that I have to go on an information diet just because I am gorging myself on the internet 24-7. I mean, just a kind reminder to Australia’s ISP, most countries have already gone past punishing clients with bandwidth limitations. I mean what’s this bullcrap about shaping my internet connection after 20GBs? Come on!!!

Do u know how SSSSSS—LLLLL—OOOO—-WWWWWWWWWWW…….64kps feels?!!! Come on. Get with technology already.

Ok so I’m ready to load some of my own housed gigs up for minions all round the world. prepping them up. Beware though, they are a little blurry having made a less than smooth transition from analogue to digital. So there. While I’m preening the first up for the world, I’m rather honoured to discover a bootleg by a minion.

Here u go….

Enjoy. Yes it is a cover of LAIN’s opening song. and yes it sounds NOTHING like the original. eh. and yes it looks like someone with a mobile phone taped it and yes I think I know who did this. No, I will not eat you in your sleep.

more in a wee bit.


Crankypants spidey who needs coffee.

私はゾンビを愛する — zombie crazy

can’t talk much… gig tonight.
pre gig jitters…customary
pre gig paranoia…essential
these finds…priceless

Supposedly Pakistan’s first gore film about zombies.

zombie college
when nice-guy scott turns down m.i.t. to follow his girlfriend to arkford university, also known as zombie college, he discovers college life takes a different kind of adjustment than he expected.

there for the zombie lovers inside us all.

yes gig tonight. see below. those in the area, come visit or my muses will eat u in your sleep


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