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Twisted Tales – Goldilocks – The curious makings of a Serial Dater

It has been quite the 2 months. Such is the unpredictable life of film composing. One minute you are sitting in your studio doodling personal projects and watching life go by — albeit worrying if you should follow up on film projects, the next your phone rings and it’s projects upon projects with the same deadline.The forlorn look given to a quiet phone is now a forlorn look given to a phone that does not stop ringing. (Please keep ringing…I’m only fake complaining)

It’s no miracle or accident. It’s a collection of films I’ve said yes to in the last couple of months. Then producers disappear for a bit to make the miracle of films happen. Then they come back very unpredictably and all at once. Which is so very great and also very terrifying. But me no complain. Excited to show them films around soon but films have a habit of having to stay hidden for a year or so while they make festival rounds.

I have a few other projects up me belt that I hope to be able to breathe word about soon.

Meanwhile my error 404’s songs continue here


But the releases of Twisted Tales must and SHALL prevail and I present GOLDILOCKS. The girl (or is it the boy) who finds his or her lover too big, too small, too hard, too soft.

I’ve had fun making this. I sampled bed springs in the opening of the track and overlaid this with some very tortured erhu playing. You could call it Chinese orchestral rock since there’s a fair bit of electronic erhu (Chinese violin), guzheng (Chinese Zither). I think it’s some kind of Chinese meets Viking metal Bohemian Rhapsody Frankenstein thing of a song. Why? Because because I can.

Enjoy, tell your friends. I promise to be back with more when I get my head around film schedules.



Your Royal Madness


Error 404 series – Computer Music

I originally intended this as 8 bit music but ended up having a bit too much fun with Reaktor’s Razor which is incidentally an excellent vocoder.

Part of a series of musical error 404s I made up for my entertainment. Recorded and written in an hour. A rule I have no intention of breaking. But you can get there by going to pages on my site and imagining pages that don’t exist.

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