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A collection of minion awesomeness.

This post is dedicated to the dear spiderlings who consume the music, talk about the music and make awesome awesome artwork/ remixes of the music. I’ve meant to do this for awhile now…but I am still one (almost) and still trying to be legion. 😛

I guess the work is never done, and as I run around like some highly caffeinated mad hatter to get the album released on time, with the bells and whistles that I think are important, I’m ticking about and wondering what happens after this album….Perhaps it’s another concept album, (like this coming one is perhaps it’s back to something like Spiked Soul…where I let the muses roam free. Either ways, I’ve started sketching album 3 as album 2’s singles slowly make their maiden voyage towards you in the mid year.

It’s been awhile I know, but with a limited budget and pesky life’s distractions, everyone on deck’s zipping along as fast as they can and finally…finally we can say we’ve got a singles release round about mid year…and regular releases every 10 wks(ish) after that.

So before I finally leave the old album behind and start telling you about the new… here’s a collection of the various musical incarnations from Spiked Soul. I guess to fascinates and flatters me when I see re-interpretations of my songs. So here they are…starting with the originals.

The Originals

This is Lenore’s Song (version. 0 – directed by the very talented Tahnee McGuire, produced by Matt Carter)

This is You are Expendable (version 0 – directed by Luke Gibbs)

Then, me dear spiderlings….this is what you did.


The vault of my awesome spiderlings

This is what Caitlin Turnbull aka heartprism created

This is by DominicanDemon144

This is by HomicidalFlea

This is by XxEnvyMomoxX

This is what 123ghostpenguin456 created


This is something Alice Li Meichi created. You can find her work here, You can find her prints here. They are the awesome, because I say so…and because IO9 says so 🙂

Yunyu - by Alice Li Meichi

I’m sure I’ve left out other bits of minion awesomeness, so email me on spiders (a t) if you’ve created any and I’ll add them to the list and duly file them under #awesomeness. Because minion awesomeness is somethiing worth collecting…like garden gnomes…and shrunken heads.

And whilst I continue to distract here still, is Angel Arias, I’d love to see it re-interpreted, re-formed, re-born

Your Royal Madness

Sherlock Holmes as a nun

There’s a few more things to set up and sort before we are ready to reveal the single from the new album. It’s been rather a mammoth project as you will soon see :). In the meantime, I shall continue to distract with interesting little bitsies found from the web, everytime I procrastinate…which is alot.

Here’s a little something from my good friend Queenie Chan has made this wonderful story of called Sister Holmes which you can enjoy here.

It’s basically a re-interpretation of sorts, of Sherlock Holmes. This time though, he’s a she, who’s a nun, who solves crimes.

Queenie Chan is the creator of “The Dreaming” Trilogy published by Tokyopop. To date, all three volumes have been published, with the last volume published in 2007. It has since then been translated into six languages. She has since collaborated on a single-volume graphic novel called “In Odd We Trust” with publisher Del Ray, a prequel to the “Odd Thomas” series of novels by New York Times best-selling author Dean Koontz.

The Sister Holmes comic can be enjoyed below. 🙂


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