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Lenore rears her head… again

As you may have known, we have been shopping Lenore’s Song around like the proud rabid parents that we are. So far, Lenore’s Song has made it to the finals of the Ipod festival. I’m of course, more chaffed about the fact that one of the judges is non other than Steve Woz, apple’s Co-founder. Yes, I am a closet fan girl. I’m not sure what I win, but I guess a lot of geek cred is good for spidey. 🙂 So vote, if you feel so inclined.

Then there’s us in the Finals of SOUNDKilda, last winners included Grinspoon, Pete Murray and the other Rich artist of the b block, hmmm…not bad for Indie Spidey.

In other non sequential news…I have fixed my Theremin. Neighbours will expect a shower off offpeak feedback torture

A love letter to Perth

Back to Sydney, in my little apartment planning to take over the world

Perth was great. What can i say? I missed the way the air smells and the people that dwell. Ever had a place reach out, grab you and call you home? (or is it the other way round?) Perth’s a lot like that to me. I guess I missed my friends.

The show was brilliant, actually, the minions were. Virgin sacrifices, bloodshed and Satan’s minions going gaga. Much thanks to Mish (me loyal zombie queen) for being the photographer of the night because Spidey has, in her infinite wisdom, forgotten her camera. so yes, please mail me pics and bootlegs. Or put them up on youtube and send me a link.

Did I mention offerings? My goat also received a bell kindly bestowed upon by Elizabathory, who’s real life name i now know. It’s good to travel I think, and unravel the mysteries behind the minions’ online handles that remain unknown little things until we meet.

It’s great that the bell bestowed has a long chain. Now spidey can yank the bell out of the chewing goat by the chain before it completes it’s esophagal trip down Satan’s throat.

hail satan

Much thanks to Adrian, who manned the door for the night at no notice.

Much thanks to Minions, who hailed Satan’s greatness and wished us happy Easter soon after.

hail satan
hail satan
hail satan

Off stage, I got to visit a very old piano who understands how to make my fingers happy. My muses are at peace. (Gracias Flic!)

Again, thanks for the welcome to Perth, minions old and new. It was a great welcome home which meant heaps. Now back at my matchbox apartment in Sydney, I contemplate my memories, something yells at me to return. I might heed that voice when the time is right.

The rest of the year pretty much looks like this:
May17th: Sydney, Vic at the Park
1-3rd June: Singapore, Esplanade Outdoors
Melbourne: Somewhere in the mess of all this
June: Mongolia, Chilling out and writing new shit, visiting
End of the year: Still writing new shit and waiting for minions to holler. Would so love a trip to the Nothern Hemispheres.

They make me sing.

In Perth.
Just did a mock rehearsal. Glad I brought all my wires and leads…I am a scatterbrain so I am eternally paranoid about forgetting

In other news, looking forward to the gig in April 5th. A rather well-loved radio in Perth called RTR wants to interview me.

I’m on on 4th April 2007, 8.30am Perth, Australia Time. Apparently, you can stream me here. to find out what time it is on your end of the world go here

Yeah…and they are making me sing…in every sense of the word. And yes, if you can physically transport yourself, come to my gig the day after.

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