Lenore rears her head… again

As you may have known, we have been shopping Lenore’s Song around like the proud rabid parents that we are. So far, Lenore’s Song has made it to the finals of the Ipod festival. I’m of course, more chaffed about the fact that one of the judges is non other than Steve Woz, apple’s Co-founder. Yes, I am a closet fan girl. I’m not sure what I win, but I guess a lot of geek cred is good for spidey. 🙂 So vote, if you feel so inclined.

Then there’s us in the Finals of SOUNDKilda, last winners included Grinspoon, Pete Murray and the other Rich artist of the b block, hmmm…not bad for Indie Spidey.

In other non sequential news…I have fixed my Theremin. Neighbours will expect a shower off offpeak feedback torture

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