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Zombie Xmas song Sequel: It’s beginning to stink like lots of Zombies

Dear Minions
More Christmas Zombie songs. If you are already subscribed to the mailing list, the MP3 is well on it’s way to you. This is a sequel to “Walking in a Zombie wonderland” Which is still available for downloads here
For the rest of you who have just joined in…join the minionship for this sequel. This tune will be made available for a limited 14 days.Hurry..oh…and sweet zombie dreams (lyrics below)

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It’s beginning to stink like lots of zombies

It’s beginning to stink like lots of zombies
Ev’rywhere you go;
Take a peep at your barricades glistening once again
With innards and their really smelling foul
It’s beginning to look a lot like the end.
bodies everywhere
But the scariest sight to see is God’s own undead spawn
at my own front door.

Bouncing betties and gpmg
is the wish of granny and dad.
The dead that won’t talk and won’t go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for the raids to end it all

It’s the beginning of the armageddon
Ev’rywhere you go;
Santa’s dangling from the tree, he’s swinging from his guts
And he really doesn’t seem to mind the snow.
It’s beginning to look a lot like the end;
The air raid sirens sing
And the thing that will make it stop, is give up give up now
Let us eat your braaaaaiins….

(PS: Taking a break from the studio and I’ve been playing way too much plants vs zombies…this picture I got while firing cob cannons while my brother pressed “printscreen” on the ready…we all need polaroid pictures of zombie kills)

Walking in a Zombie Wonderland

FREE Zombie Christmas Songs for DOWNLOADS

I’ve been wanting to do these zombie chrismas songs for a good long while. Somehow, the image of crying toddlers, scary parents with bulldozing prams, violent shoving shoppers remind me of the zombie apocalypse. Either that or I’m not very good at melding through crowds…or you may say that I am quite simply…THE Grinch.

So as promised. Here’s a merry new year and happy christmas gift to everyone from Your Royal Madness. (lyrics below) About Rudolph being Patient Zero in a zombie world. Major uber thanks to my manager for going along with this and happily helping me on my way to being excommunicated and sent to the island of eternal repent. (oh goody…always wanted me own island…yaaaarrr.)

Download here: Walking in a Zombie Wonderland

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Sabotage/ replace this song in your neighbour’s christmas collections
for the truly demented…I never told you to teach this to your underaged niece/ nephew/ spawn…bad minion, down minion, no no NO Minion….

or…for something a little more more constructive…

. tell people to sign up to the mailing list for the sequel
. drop money into my paypal christmas stockings (You may treat this as a form of online busking)
(All proceeds go to the making of the video clip of the “cannot be named” single in the new album. I’m raising some dosh specifically for a hire of a Red Camera. Most of the team from “Lenore’s Song” has gathered again, we’re putting funds, blood, sweat and tears into it again, all for the incurable love of entertainment and additional help from you, the minions, would go a very very long way to helping us on our way. So go forth, spread the word, spread the widget. Your royal madness needs you more than ever now. More about the video clip in the next post.)

Till next time,

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ps: soul’s Alive is still available as a FREE download should you sign up for the mailing list. The gathering of the minions is the first step to my minionship of zombie armies of sorts.

Oh yes …the lyrics…

Walking in a Zombie Wonderland
Sleigh bells ring
are you listening
in the north
ice caps are melting
there a virus awakes
and quickly infects
Rudolph with a dripping red nose

who ate my reindeers
says Santa
you’ll have to do
Red nosed reindeer
You look a terrible sight
But I’m on a deadline
Teleporting through the christmas wonderlands

Patient Zero was a kindly old man
Last seen running from a crazy deer
Neighbours say it might be Reindeer Rabies
That’s why he’s on a biting spree in town….

Put him down
they conspired
He didn’t stay down
the spread is dire
Now they’re missing half a torso
and still chewing human morsels
Walking in a zombie wonderland

On the border we will build barricades
We will scan for marks and zombie bites
We’ll say “Are you human”
if you say ” No man”
We will blow your brains to “jingle bells”

Nuclear raids
Ain’t it thrilling
though our skins get to peeling
we’ll spasm and lurch
the dead human way
Walking in a zombie wonderland

Gone away are the humans
Here to stay are the zombies
We’ll spasm and lurch
the dead human way
walking in the zombie wonderland
twitching in the zombie wonderland
lurching in the zombie wonderland

Reopening Spidey’s Lair + Free MP3s

Ahh…finally…album updates. — (Summarised and crossposted from newsletter. Join for FREE MP3s downloads. )

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Continues to evolve at a glacial pace but has since moved miles. It’s an awesome collaboration with people I admire so..I thank my minions for the patience. We have big plans for the album and when I say plans, I really mean more games, more fun for the minions…in a very sanity challenged way.


One other project I’m working on in the realms of Sci-Fi and Fantasy is ……., which I am really excited about. For dark serious reasons(boring paperwork) I cannot tell you just yet but what I can tell you is the first song for the project is a killer you will leave your web for.


Lastly I bring news of a collaboration spanning 3 continents to be launched early 2010. Your royal madness has been selected as a featured artist for a new range of audiophile designer headphones.There may even be a limited edition Yunyu headphones release you can get your paws on. I will keep you posted


Because my minions have been so terribly lovely and patient with the waiting. I’ve decided to pillage my vault for some treasure. These are songs that were written for the last album “Spiked Soul” but for various reasons did not make the disc. I offer them to you as an appetiser to feast on while you patiently wait for the the main course

“_ _ _s_ _ _ _ a _ _ s” Oh my. Is that a clue?

There’s more free tunes coming…together with some Christmas surprises. So get your friends to sign up to the list.


So dear minion, don’t miss out. Sign up for mailing list on HTTP://YUNYU.COM.AU/HOME/MAILING-LIST

Get your free Tunes. Wait for more goodness.

Till next time
Your Royal Madness

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