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Error 404 Series – Western

Error 404 started a bit as a practice thing for me. Also, directors I’m working with started asking me what sort of genres I like to write. Hmm…I wondered that myself given that I never saw myself belonging to any kind of genre. Also I figured there was a better way to answer that sort of question — by making multiple genres out of the same song.

If you conjure an error 404 on my site you are likely to report a different version of the same error 404 song playing each time since I pretty much have that on random. As mentioned, it might not even be in English. Because…

ok in this case Why can’t we have ALL of the languages.

So that all that doesn’t disappear into the Kraken-verse. I’ll feature a 404 here every fortnight. (You can use the link below or simply hit refresh until it decides to load the little western ditty.

Recorded and mixed in an hour (that’s the challenge). Here be my little tribute to Ennio Morricone by inserting a kidnapping scene at the end. Because what’s a western if no one gets eaten by a land kraken right?

Also, the last release of Twisted Tales was here. Next one end of this month.

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