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Carriageworks 30th June – Last SHOW

Dear Spiderlings,

it’s been a whirlwind tour. Albeit, a little short.

My band and I have enjoyed playing for you and bending your  reality heaps. It was nice meeting all of you and getting to know you beyond the realm of internet handles.

We get to do it one last time..(for now) HERE. In Sydney.

Carriageworks here we come. 30th June. This Sat. Be there.

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Episode 2 – Bluebeard – OUT NOW

Dear Spiderlings

It is here. The 2nd episode of Twisted Tales. This time it’s Bluebeard (not the pirate). In my twist, Bluebeard is a pervert who uses religion to destroy women and children…in my twist, he doesn’t quite get away with it.

The Song

The voicings in Bluebeard are built on the …_ _ _ … morse code SOS signal. It features a rocking guitar solo by Michael Sheridan and multiple time signature changes. (I challenge you to figure it out – only because I still am)

Lead & female backing Vocals: Yunyu
Males Backing Vocals: Christo Alexander
Guitars: Michael Sheridan
Organ: Alexander Nettelbeck
Bass: Dave Howell
Drums: Ed Rodrigues

The Manga

Queenie Chan believes that Bluebeard is really Henry VIII. So she’s created this awesomeness…a circular manga that never never ends!

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Reviews Reviews Reviews

T’was a whirlwind first half of the tour and her Royal Madness, Yunyu has received some really kind reviews from the shows at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Melbourne and Sydney next up!! Love to see you peeps there!

22nd June – Melbourne – Revolver upstairs

With supports: – Amanaska and Aleeoop

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30th June – Sydney – Carriageworks

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This post was brought to you by Mr Goat, who is now performing with Her Royal Madness, Yunyu. He functions as a town-crier of sorts, but he doesn’t cry, he mostly bleats.

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