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Flight homeward and setting up the lair

Hola minions
Hailing from Singapore at the moment. here till the start of march. Apparently we have run out of plane tickets so I’m marooned for a couple more days after the Chinese New Year.

If u ask, the flight home was “interesting”, I was stuck between snot kid and flab man (who really should have been put on a double seat despite a full plane). Post an 8 hour flight from Sydney to Singapore I had one squashed left boob and had a bio hazardous right trouser leg full of toddler snot and puke. Much interestingness. That should put me off breeding or eating anything greasy for the next couple of months.

Other highlights, sent my kid brother to the army this Friday. Getting hauled off to the army is what is known as a mandatory “rite of passage” on the glorious island of Singapore. Good for people watching when there are families crying more than the entire cast of the “Bold and Beautiful”. Not much condolences for my brother, Dad’s an army freak and his only sister is fiendishly excited about the fact that her brother is about to be shaved balder than a turkey.

All good though, I don’t see many things fazing my brother.

Hopefully I’ll still be getting some work done. Families are awesome things, they are also distracting things. Mostly, it’s about getting them to understand that once I whip out my powerbook and am either drawing or writing or talking to meself, it’s time to steer clear.

I’m strolling through some footage of the house gigs at the moment, cutting through them and contemplating which ones to throw out…

Meanwhile if u think I’m hopelessly in love with my powerbook I see someone comfortably worse.

Packing panicking and some globby bits of joy!

Hola Minions,

how’s your world these days?
I’m busy packing for my yearly trip back to Singapore to visit folks, scare the natives and stock up on pretty electronic supplies….and writing, writing writing.

Then I poke out once again from my studios, just learnt that MacLife’s interview with us re: Lenore’s Song is now out. Though I have been prematurely aged (not 27…yet) I am utterly utterly joyous. MacLife is a fav mag subscription on mine so I feel I have come full circle, in a teeny tiny way. Oh and I’m very glad my minions get a mention on there too. The only thing left out was my editor’s credits Adam Van Roojen, who was the real hero when it came to the painful world of editing but u guys already knew that.

98 KUPD on the lopsided world of L has featured your royal madness on the 50 bands discovered on myspace….quiet quiet vindication.

Joy o joy o joy.

Yesterday Sofie Loizou and I finally got all the tetchy tech issues resolved and buckled down to film some gigs from the house, it was an experience let’s just say, so expect more visual offerings on youtube soon. Let me just figure out which country I’m in first. 🙂

See u soon, in more sense than one.

2 geisha girls (of sorts) and a pet goat.

Peats Ridge was a rainy rainy festival with happy happy people who took genuine holidays because mobile signals just didn’t work. So I was pretty glad to find my bandmate Sofie Loizou when we did. (I did remember doing bog laps round the campsite screaming at my mobile in vile attempts to get the ocassional precious precious signal)

So post finding bandmates and setting up virgin tent, the rest of the day was pretty much spent feeling rather wired about the gig.


And all things considered, this was probably the best gig we’ve played for a long, long while now — which pretty much went like this…

first song – *jitters* 5 curious onlookers (to put it nicely, no one really knows who the hell Yunyu is :))
mid third song – half a tent packed
last 5 minutes – tent overflowing with people pushing in (also had a pterodactyl dancing amongst the crowd…amidst standing ovations)
post last song – encores, yells and more encores

For those who were there, much apologies, the festival had a strict schedule to keep for the stage. So we pretty much weren’t allowed to do encores. 😛

My only regret is that I never got to make the full tent of patrons say “hail satan” to my pet goat who also made it on stage, which hopefully would have looked something like this.


To the organisers, if u are reading this, thanks for letting us play. We don’t really get opportunities to scare hundreds of people at a time and we enjoy it very much.

To the new minions who found us, Welcome. And if u have taken pics of the show, send us some. I’d love to put the little suckers up.
To the rest of yous, we shall be back with more offerings for in this new year, all shall be served. So stay tuned.

ps: To adventureboi, (Alex…We waited for your wine supplies at the drum media tent for 15mins but had to run off amidst gear issues…sorry Alex! Sorry sorry wine!)

It’s funny now, I’m knowing your internet handles far better than your real world IDs. Here u go, enjoy the festival pics! My pet goat sends its greetings. Spidey will be back in a wee bit!


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