Packing panicking and some globby bits of joy!

Hola Minions,

how’s your world these days?
I’m busy packing for my yearly trip back to Singapore to visit folks, scare the natives and stock up on pretty electronic supplies….and writing, writing writing.

Then I poke out once again from my studios, just learnt that MacLife’s interview with us re: Lenore’s Song is now out. Though I have been prematurely aged (not 27…yet) I am utterly utterly joyous. MacLife is a fav mag subscription on mine so I feel I have come full circle, in a teeny tiny way. Oh and I’m very glad my minions get a mention on there too. The only thing left out was my editor’s credits Adam Van Roojen, who was the real hero when it came to the painful world of editing but u guys already knew that.

98 KUPD on the lopsided world of L has featured your royal madness on the 50 bands discovered on myspace….quiet quiet vindication.

Joy o joy o joy.

Yesterday Sofie Loizou and I finally got all the tetchy tech issues resolved and buckled down to film some gigs from the house, it was an experience let’s just say, so expect more visual offerings on youtube soon. Let me just figure out which country I’m in first. 🙂

See u soon, in more sense than one.

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