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Drums are Legion, Murders are Spatial and we drink to the Apocalypse

So the world keeps burning and I keep being here, spinning my tales in whatever shape or form the world allows me to. I’ve been obsessing over spatial structures in songs and stories. Some works of mine have been released into the wild.

Upcoming, is a workshop presentation at Ars Electronica. I premiere a short audio theatre piece called “No One Died”. I’ll pop it up at some stage when it’s made its rounds. The premise? Well, there is none, “No One” Died remember…well that’s one point of view, until you move around to find the truth of the tale. This is an audio tale you must move around to find out the truth about. Written with the very curious, inventive and awesome scriptwriter Michelle Mead

Well if you are at Ars Electronica by any chance: my workshop details are here:

What’s it got to do with the apocalypse drinking song I keep alluding to? Well…the mechanics of this piece drive my lyrical portion.

Earlier part of the year was me obsessing over cats, thunder and gods to create this piece called “When the rain god sings, Storm Lions are born”. It’s a fun one, and I had a ball working with Taikoz and Ryuji Hamada. The piece premiered in NIDA. A glimpse of it here

It was a bit of fun and hair tearing in equal measures as I was obsessed with the idea of having a solo artist “play” an orchestra in real-time. Yes – this means no more counting to any kind of backing track, the rich track is actually triggered live. Luckily Ryuji Hamada and Taikoz are just the sort of awesome musicians and awesome dancers and movement artists to humour all the experiments needed to make it all happen.

More details here:

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