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Twisted Tales – Little Matchgirl


Ok as promised. The 2nd single this dec before we all head off to xmas lands.

This be little matchgirl. She hails from the world of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Match Girl.

The story and the twist is self explanatory, our little match girl isn’t selling matches this time but dreams.


The single lives here 

Twisted Tales – iAlice Canon a Cecila!

So oops. I didn’t exactly make 2 singles in the last mth. so here’s one of 2 this mth . The next comes in a seperate post.

Say hi to Alice in Wonderland in iAlice Canon a Cecila!

I naturally asked what happens when a mirror goes into a mirror into a mirror. Because this is what Alice is no? This dream thing. I thought it might be nice if the music was palindromic overall.  Which is to say the musical notes invert/ retrograde themselves along some very poorly established lyrical foldlines. so look out for words like “mirror” “copy” for some musical retrogrades, and “invert”, “topple” for the whole theme played upside down.

Because…why not?


What do the lyrics mean? I have nothing for u. Because the lyrics come from me taking a walk through my comic book collections. Here’s a little less than a peek.


The single lives here 

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