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Hippie artist on the loose in the hills.

After an altercation of sorts with the muses. I’m happy to announce that they have come back in force and I’ve allowed myself 2 weeks of being a hippie artist in the hills. The songs have been coming in nicely…nothing completed but they are structured bones whose flesh I can fill with surity. (if there is such a word). The rest of the times I’ve been catching up with reading reading and more reading.

Then of course, I’ve started collaborating on a Zombie story of sorts. Figured I could’nt let my zombie dreams go to waste.

So yes. I’m waiting to be rid of the day job I’ve heard sometime August, then I’ll really fuck off to the hills to be an artist. Meanwhile I’ll have to wear the whole corporate drone tag for a little while more. major yayness.

Lenore vid clip has been coming along nicely. And they will be delivered cranky and wailing into my hands on 6/6/06. Nice.

got a gig to tell you guys about too. in a bit though. Something’s tugging me by the hair and hurtling me towards my piano…

Fireflies is the Shite

Here’s a minion holler. Busy writing a juicy article of bitch-dom re: a certain article on So while I get my main act together you should all check out the podcast Cool shite on the tube because
1) they are really fucken good
2) they are reviewing “Grave of the fireflies” which is the film that inspired my tune “Fireflies”
3) They used Fireflies as a track
4) they really are the shit.

so yeah…I promise the next article will be something juicier. Just gotta do some mild research….RESEARCH is important when you want to MAIM someone with words…

So near…so smeggin’ far.

How’s All?

Well it’s still sort of a win I guess…for us in the Sunscreen film fest. Lenore ended up being up on the top 5 but missed out on the top prizes. I think it still means that she gets an airing on the SBA network, meaning most pub TVs / Cafes and stuff.

Tis all good I guess. But we needed the cash. So the journey for Tahnee and I goes on as we go around sourcing the cash to film Fireflies with. Maybe if I offered myself up as a medical specimen I’d have the time to write new material (almost undisturbed) and the cash on hand.

Still liked to thank those who voted if u are reading this :). I just wish there were more of you. 🙁

A congrats to those who won though, as can be seen here and on the sunscreen festival’s myspace site. Make something beautiful with the cash or I’ll be sending evil eeevil thoughts your way for disrespecting the beautiful cash and opportunities sent your way.

Been neglecting the blog for a bit except with news but I really need to get this year’s remaining projects out the way first…which includes playing in the festival next week (Sat). More excitement post christmas and new year’s I promise 🙂

Meanwhile, amidst mild bouts of sulking , I’m busy building myself a theremin, and hoping to put it into some decent use.. A good dose of geekiness should keep my me sulks at bay for today. 🙁

And in case u wondered what set my theremin obsessions off… (Although the instrument here is described as a Matryomin…a variation by Masami Takeuchi)

SHHHhhhhhh….spiked soul is peeking

This is an unofficial announcement that my album is now available here

To give me time to go make the announcements on my music pimping locations and spruce up my site for a proper release, official release date is this Monday (24 Jul 06) special price ending (7 Aug 06).

So officially you did not see this. This announcement is dedicated to those intravenously hooked to the interweb.

Unofficially if you go here now you have 3 extra days to get the Album at $15 special minion price.

I officially did not type this.


Spiked Soul soon to be available at special minion pricing ☺

Heh. When I said that the clip was finally done, of course, in my joy, and probably oversight, I forgot to mention that we would have to slave over encoding the clip for view as well as fussing over the menu.

I’ve been starting at this page of my mac for sometime now. (2 weeks to be exact)


Lossless encoding is what we’ve been aiming for. We finally come rather close after countless duds. Now it’s ready. DVDs packed to be sent away for you minions, and online version to be released this Fri.

Meanwhile, See this?


It’s finally here. The album. In its boxed up glory

See this?


This is what the first 500 people will get it in. (I could only afford to get 500 lovingly handmade. By the royal artist herself + help from overseas ☺

See these?


This is what’s in it. + DVD of Lenore+ Bonus Video clip (not shown here)

First things first, I’ve decided that since there are EP tracks on this album, I’ve decided that, to make things fair…

———THIS ALBUM IS THE COST OF AN AVERAGE EP for the firsts 2 weeks of it’s online release.——————-

Note that I currently have 2 online distributors.

1) CDBABY (US based)
2) Earshot music (online retail based in Australia so that us down under don’t have to pay too much for postage)

I’ve posted the goods out to both. Given that I live down under, Earshot music will get my albums first. To be absolutely fair to the minions, there will be 2 rounds of special EP prices both on CDBABY and Earshot music.

It’s likely that earshot will get the goods before CDBABY. As soon as earshot’s account is up I will be letting the minions know. Price of the CD in the first 2 weeks will be a special minion price of A$15 as opposed to A$25 after the 2 weeks.

For those intending to buy from CDBABY, same rule applies, as soon as the CDs are available from CDBABY, I’ll sound the alarm for the special minion price time window. Then it’s back to full album price.

This way, hopefully no one has to pay too much for postage. Best an indie muso can do for now…

The rationale is simply this, most minions reading this would have likely purchased the EP or got some tunes online. Not fair paying for the full album price when some of the tunes are already on the EP. So without bursting my cranium capacity over logistics, this is the best I can do. ☺

Hope that’s cool with all of you.

Why tracks from EP in Album?

Well here’s the thing, Spiked Soul could never decide whether to be a second EP or a full album. Then of course, the deciding factor was an introspective question of why I wrote Spiked Soul in the first place.

Spiked Soul was a complete introspective journey from betrayal to love to finally making peace and journeying on. Have a listen and see if you hear it. I will be putting up special liner notes re:lyrics in the next couple of days so you know what the muses were thinking when they were dancing.

Over and out for now. Exactly 12 working days left to being free of drone work. I am apprehensive and excited. I will be writing heaps more then, till then please bear with the limited appearance, gig wise and blog wise.

Oh, and of course, I will have started working on the next album ☺. Happy times.

Links to the online stores when things are up and running. More in a bit.

The dream king sent this

I always end up writing a novel whenever I try to tell anyone about my dreams, so sometime last week I bought myself Comic Life. Good little tool, for someone like me who can’t draw. Of course, now I’m going to have too much fun with it and torment people with my visions…until I get sick of my new toy.

The following comic was done by rummaging through the abundance of the cyberverse and going through the spoils of my iphoto collection…

6 pages. Starts like this. Click through the pages below.

page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

Critics, be gentle. Artist is a singer-songwriter trying to tell a very visual story. It is her first attempt at creating anything comic related….She’s very good at collecting and reading them however. — Which means jack shit when you are creating.

Special pricing for Northen hemisphere dwelllers

Dear Minions,

This post is divided into 2 for the northern hemisphere (Norminions) and the southern hemisphere minions (Souminions).

The Norminions

Just letting you know that the CDBABY link is up and the special minion pricing is now up for loyal minions up living in the northern hemisphere. The price is almost Aus $15. And it will be so from today until 28th August 2006.

So Go Here. Buy Now

The Souminions

For those living in the southern hemisphere, the promotion price of earshot music has ended, but the good news is that if you buy more than 1 CD, you will get this all for AUS$20 each instead of $25 each. Considering that the little red baggies of CDs still exist, it’s quite a bargain eh? So yes, hypnotise a friend, grab the wallet and go to Earshot music now

Again, the orders are.
1) hypnotise/badger a friend
2) Buy now
3) Bring spoils to friend, and hope they thank you for making this call.

To refresh your memory, the CDs come like this (+DVD)


Want it? Click here 🙂

PS: for those minions who have received the album, were the spidery goodies good for you? I’d love to hear some minion reports.

PPS: I’m dicking off to the hills to be an artist for a week…as in bludge. So you might not hear a peep from me as I bid adieu to my dear web connection (I’m so not going to survive this.)

PPPS: Lenore’s Song has hit 5000 views (which means much happiness for spidey). Thanks for spreading the word lovely minions.

Coming up, I managed to smuggle the spoils of a strange dream pass the dream guards yesterday, so stay tuned and send freud.

Melbourne, death and Lenore

Melbourne, death and Lenore

I think a friend of mine puts it right and Melbourne is a lot like Sydney on Prozac. I love Melbourne and rather enjoy the rather protective inclinations of Melbournians and their Tram Systems. Cute – goth like city. She reminds me of Gaiman’s death – so seemingly dark but really generally happy. I’d love to live in Melb someday, my feet, they itch.

Speaking of itchy feet, if you ever find yourself here in Melbourne, you might want to go on a little bit of a pub hunt. I say pub hunt because Melbourne has the tendency to of planting the cutest pubs and shops in obscure laneways.


Went to a pub called Robots. Small quaint little pub that plays anime every tues so says the word.

Wish I could stay a couple more days, there are like 52 pubs listed here in the deck of cards.

Met up with the manager and finally showed him Lenore’s clip. (Yes minions, a final cut’s been done, we’re just stuck in the final stages of grading then, voila we are done!!!) So wait…so close so BLOODY far.

(Newsflash: Lenore has further claimed Adam’s (editor) G4 RAM and chewed some digibeta tape up – final body count avail after Lenore is completed)

Anyways, manager’s impressed – a good sign when he enquires about the unbelievably modest budget of this clip. No credit to me: Matt and his all star film crew have pulled huge HUGE favours.

All being equal, Lenore should be “you tubed” in the next couple of weeks. Along with news about the album. ☺.

I must thank you all for your infinite patience.

You have all been tagged

How’s all? I’ve been busy. Between writing and sorting out festival details and cold running more shots for gigs to be broadcasted to youtube, I am wishing I am this deity.

For those who happen to be going to going to Peats Ridge Festival I play 30/12/06 at 2115hrs at the underworld stage. For the rest of u, one moment, your royal madness is busy sorting this out with the help of trusty camera and the interweb.

Just discovered that I have been tagged by


To do the following.

“Name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like most, and then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.
Also, try not to list “porn” for every answer. *eyeroll*”

10 life’s simple pleasures? (in no particular order)

1)watching those who called u a freak grow up to be accountants and…hate it.
2)smell of toast bread in the morning
3)mammoth sized coffee mugs filled with nuclear strength coffee
4)epiphanies that come at the convenient hour of 4am
5)writing spells that devour sleep and sanity
6)talking to my minions and realising that they are quite positively more twisted than I can ever hope to be.
7)Beer…lotsa beer with good friends. and Sake and peanuts and a good old movie marathon
8)Convincing the tax man that I am indeed a religion and thus should not pay tax.
9) Convincing nuns that god loves porn and desires war. I so have proof! — Darwin is my friend.
10) Successfully Convincing priests that I am indeed possessed by the devil and need to be blessed continuously by holy beer.

Now that I’m done. Guess what I tag  A L L of you. (no I can’t count and don’t read instructions and I don’t understand the number 10)

Your royal madness

Presenting Fireflies

Dear all, it is with bated breath that I present fireflies

Fireflies is currently available in Mperia
and can be listened to in the jukebox on my site if you are reading this to my livejournal. If you are already at , my jukebox lives in the top right hand corner.

Long live Webmonkey who made livepress work.

Now my flying monkeys, your first homework is to let me know what you think of this track. If you have to know Fireflies is about Sadako and the thousand paper cranes/ Grave of the Fireflies. Sadako’s story is found here I await your opinions humbly.

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