Minions who rob my speech

Today’s minion of the day goes out to both
Youri Zoutman — who has Yunyu-fied his laptop.


Whoever posted on this NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK Dutch website (scroll to middle). I cannot understand Dutch so I am laughing because I’m superimposed on a site that (graphically) looks like porn. someone please translate what

“Een beetje net zo’n dwerg als Björk maar dan van Oosterse origine en zonder doorlopende wengbrauwen. Heeft wat kittigs.” means.

I am amused and curious, mostly amused…I think. I’ve gotten as far as knowing that it’s Bjork related. yeah?

***This post is dedicated to all minions who have been spreading spidey’s word in their own ingenious little ways 🙂 Thank you.***


  1. meist3r


    Mistress Yunyu *bowing down, kneeling*
    Being the creepo that supposedly spotted that location in the first place let me have the honor to provide you with my sloppy translation of the statement:

    A little dwarfish like Björk but of asian origin and without the continuous eyebrows. This is classy.

    One could argue about the last sentence (only in terms of translation of course) but that was what made the most sense to me. The alternative to classy was “hot blooded” … which also applies.

    Hell yes I DO like and enjoy that site because there is so much more to it other than the cheap porn which is common for the somewhat liberal netherlands. *g*

  2. meist3r


    I guess I forgot one word … shame on me … please choose a suiting punishment.

    The third dutch word “net” I guess is a typo or abbreviation (on the original site) and was meant to be “niet” which is “not” in dutch. Therefore the correct translation would be:

    Not so dwarfish like Björk, of asian origin and without the continuous eyebrows. This is classy.

    But as I don’t really speak dutch this also could be argued about. I used a Dutch=German dictionary in the process though … please be forgiving Mistress.

  3. meist3r


    Meh iz st00pad… I wand to vrite “suitable” and write “suiting” … I vill pey forr thad comnet spahce I youuse.

  4. Yunyu


    “no continuous eyebrows..” funny. Yes I recall that there was alot of pre-shoot shaving that day courtesy of make up artist debbie Muller 🙂

    Youri Zoutman over at my LJ feed has come to a similar conclusion translation wise.

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