Air Borne zombie viruses

Sometimes I think, in another lifetime, I would be burnt as a heretic.

Then again, a lot of my best friends would, then we would have some sort of revolution in the metaphysical world,build an alternative from heaven and hell and actually have some fun…

Sometimes I just dream wierd and need to remove my zombie wallpaper as my friend Queenie would observe. Queenie by the way is a manga artist and you should all go check out her latest work “The dreaming”. It’s old school scary, as in, it actually has a pretty damn good plot compared to alot of the muck that’s available at the moment.

Back to my dream.

Some nights ago, I was running way from Zombies. They were still the same meat-eating idiots that remind me of Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemeist. Then there was something different,

The Zombie virus was also air-born.

The good news was of course, you always knew who the Air-borne carriers were. The bad? You had 60secs to leave the 100metre radius of destruction. Air-borne zombie carriers look like us and are not zombies. The only outstanding thing about them was this:

At random notice, air-borne Zombie carriers head, trance like to the nearest public space, start singing this piercing, haunting tune. and then hack blood balls that go bouncing off the floor before they burst…then anyone within line of sight become zombies.

Of course, after seeing one such blood ball explode I woke up.

No, didn’t become zombie.

Yes looked up meaning of zombie in dreams just for the heck of it. Apparently zombies represent the mundane. Running away from Zombies means running away from the mundane life. In my case…my life as a corporate drone.

I didn’t become zombie. Please let this be a sign that my music will take me far far away from the corporate zone.

I insist on dreaming today…after all my boss just informed me that my cosy 4 day office gig was going to be advertised as a 5 day one…which in all probability means that some movement is on the cards…

Day job wise.

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