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Dear all

As I might have more than subtly mentioned, the vid clip is happening this week. After weeks of test shots, this is the week we are putting it all together…

Here are the diaries thus far on…

The vid clip of Lenore’s song starts of with Matt Carter and I deciding that we would do a video clip together…you’ve got to credit events like CONFLUX when stuff like this happens.

Matt and I met at CONFLUX. I was invited to play there and he was amongst the audience…one of those who quietly bought the EP and walked away after. It wasn’t until Continuum (otherwise known unofficially as GaimanCON) that he came to say Hi and paid his compliments.

I’d say it was the common love for Sci-fi and fantasy – we hit it off quite well…more importantly I became a fan of his works when Matt showed his films to me…so the next thing we know…

Matt goes off to talent pool and rob bank. I played accomplice.

Matt returns with film geniuses who pitch jaw dropping ideas. We ended up with Tahnee McGuire’s idea — Because she’s been invading my headspace heaps and termite tunnelling through it.

After months of planning, it’s finally a goer, and a platoon full of production talents have come on board.

I’ve not been involved in much of the technical processes. Much as I love film making DVDs lots of issues brought up and discussed amongst the team probably went over my head a little… for a chaotic creative like me, planning meetings are always a tad overwhelming…

Here’s what I got involved in upfront though…

Day 1 – Make up tests

“Your skin is too dry
Your hair is too straight
You’re a real hairball
Blah blah blah…yahahaha…”

Ok no, no one said that. But the skin regime advised after the first session of make up says it all.

First I don’t drink enough, I don’t moisturise enough and I don’t exfoliate enough.

Guilty of all 3, I have other priorities other than sand papering me skin. Now whisked into the make-up studios, I think the attention showered by Debbie Mullermade me feel like this


I suppose I don’t do diva well.

I’m supposed to be some sort of being ghost thingee person haunting an empty stage. So here’s me.


We’re still figuring what to use, hence the schizo make-up. Saves Debbie the trouble of having to masterpiece twice over.

Tahnee can now get 2 side profile shots on 1 face…and I get to see what happens when I bitch fight in a bar.
black eye

The general consensus is that that I look as me as possible. So I probably won’t spend much time looking like this…


More like this…and I agree. (minus the lips…I look like I got kissing cramps)


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