Lenore's Song Vid Clip is here

Dear all,
You heard about the machine killing. You heard the editor’s cries.

Now…. View the terror that is Lenore’s Song

I ask that you make her curse viral, I ask that you hit the “share” buton (bottom right) and paste the youtube code on whatever online space you got. We ask you to tell your friends.

We thank you.
Spread the curse that is Lenore.
Better yet, help me stick the concepts of marketing music up the major label’s Royal Asses.

—end cheesy horror message—


  1. sofie


    awesome song – awesome clip! congratulations 🙂

  2. LoLyfe


    Saw this video posted at, thought it was fantastic.
    Just hit iTunes for the YunYu album, waiting for Spiked Soul now … you’ll be on my playlist for the forseeable future!

  3. Yunyu


    Thanks for the plug! glad u like. Now SMEAR the clip all over the internet. SMEAR IT I says!

  4. Yunyu


    thanks Sofie. wouldn’t have successfully amputated teh song without u 🙂

  5. xxxPanKakexxx


    This is an amazing video and song, i listen to it repeatively and now i have my friends hooked! keep up the good work =)

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