Of cult leaders that return again and again

Has it been a month already? Here’s the next. I present Pied Piper.

Pied Piper has a long history. It started from this little comic I made a real long time ago on a whim. (This probably jumpstarted Twisted Tales.) This tells the tale of Pied Piper who wasn’t paid and keeps returning as a cult leader to “take the children away”

You can check it out here

I was always interested in what made cults since I knew someone who joined one. Until that happened, I had always erroneously assumed that joining a cult was something the very silly did, but I realise desperation and hopelessness are the harbingers of cult joining.

The lost, the socially displaced – these are usually the prime demographics of cult followers.

So it was hard to write this in a way that simply showed a scene from a cult, mainly Jonestown, but as far as possible, produce no indication of any judgement of people who join cults, because I simply believe them to be victims of circumstances. I wish things were better for them and that they had found better answers to their predicament.

Check out the tune here!

ps: apologies for the lack of postings. I’m still battling film deadlines. I should swim out of this sometime nov/dec. Shall promise to get better organised 😛

All very good fun though




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