Who said OCD isn’t good?

Hey all
Just learnt that Lenore’s Song is now Grand Finalist for Sunscreen Film Festival. Of course, this is one step closer to the $10 000 prize money for us to film fireflies with. All thanks to your near obsessive compulsive bouts of voting.

Judging is on the 16th December 2007. I expect that I should be down there with my phone obsessive compulsively voting for Lenore. Apparently only audiences on site can vote. Drats. Can’t mobilise my internet minions….Roar.

Eaargh…most unfair.

In other news, my rehearsals for Peats Ridge festival is coming along nicely, along with the dry runs of gigs from home which I will be putting up on youtube as soon as I’m happy with it. More interesting bouts of home gigs coming up involving food and cooking materials. More soon.

Patience minions, I promise to make this worth your while.

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