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Dear Spiderlings

If you ever wondered about where your Prince Charming has gone, why that frog never became a prince when you braved all good sense and Kissed it – then Twisted Tales is for you.

By projecting fairytales into a modern paradigm Yunyu takes them far far away from the benign stories we knew as children, corrupting everyone from Alice in Wonderland and Bluebeard to the Pied Piper and Pinocchio. Twisting the stories into songs, Yunyu meshes them with contemporary animation and manga art to give a whole new meaning to Disney on ice.

Yunyu’s manager, an award-winning composer/producer who straddles both the theatrical and musical worlds, made his mind to sign her just ten minutes into a showcase set. “I’ve seen a lot of artists work with visuals but they’re somewhat overlaid and mostly make no sense to the music or the mood and they can even be distracting.  Yunyu’s visuals connect in a compelling and emotional way to the mood of the music. I found the balance very exciting and can envisage where it could develop to”, says manager Lee McIver.
In this cross-art form collaboration, Yunyu has teamed up with New York Times #1 Best Selling Manga Artist Queenie Chan and leading animators from around the world to give their characters life. Merging live music with cutting edge technology, this innovative show will be brought to you by Yunyu, her five piece band, VJ and designer Imogen Ross.  Twisted Tales will lead you down the yellow brick road to a universe so twisted that you’ll need a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way home.

Touring to Byron Bay, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney throughout May & June, take this opportunity to see Twisted Tales come to life in a totally new way.
Twisted Tales Tour Dates

Thursday 24 May
Buddha Bar, Byron Bay

 Friday 25 & Saturday 26 May
Brisbane Powerhouse – BUY TICKETS NOW!!

 Friday 22 June
Revolver, Melbourne

 Saturday 30 June
Carriageworks, Sydney

This post is written by The Goat. Most times he wears a mask and prances about on stage while her Royal Madness performs. Online, he has recently been ordered to write all the information dissemination stuff. In some cultures, he is referred to as the town crier, but this isn’t quite accurate. He doesn’t cry…he mostly bleats.

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