time pulverising week

It’s been a week alright! Now I return to my abandoned muses after this post. So the emails waiting? be patient….I suspect I shall get to them after the Halloween gig this SUNDAY I need time with the muses for now…

On to Supanova…and yeah…this is me rubbing it in for the Poor unfortunate souls who couldn’t make it….you really really should have gone…muhahahaha…. Here are snippets and highlights from Supanova. (in no order of shock factor or merit)

1) Finally meeting and hanging out with the guys from Cool (Shite) from the Tube. This year, they got the honour of hosting Supanova 2005. Minion brains should go ingest some Cool (shite) because they ingest really bad films for our sakes and have exquisite taste when it comes to great films…so you won’t cry as much when you blow your paycheck on your next bout of films

2) learning that one of my album tracks “Too Subliminal” has become the soundtrack for the Cool (shite) supanova podcast

…I like!

3) Walking down Artist alley and seeing the stark similarities of an Artist and a Muso. A Muso has 1 hour (gig time) to sell her wares and convince CD sales. An Artist has, in this case, 2 days….but still the process is long and sorry when the going is not so good. Then a good review and a pat on the back makes the last 20 empty hours worth it….

4) Hanging out with Queenie Chan (the Dreaming) and Sonny Straits (Voice Talent from Dragonball Z “Krillin”) . Conversations reveal that majors in the entertainment field exploit their artists in the same way as the music industry. why does “Sell your soul for free” sound so familiar?

5) Once again meeting friends at CONFLUX and and attempting the uncomfortable walk of “flyer runs”for Conflux, Queenie Chan and myself. Mostly my technology has been “shove flyer at human” and run…sometimes I whisper Neil Gaiman’s or Warren Ellis’ or “The Dreaming” into unsuspecting human ears as I run madly away…

you know…just for effect. I don’t think I know what I’m doing.

6) Then there was an artist gathering of 7 people which ballooned into an army of 27. Because I said…”EVERYONE…Bring EVERYONE!!!” T’was all good though. I now know I’m only 1 degree difference away from Michael Turner from Aspen Comics. (Remember Witchblade or better yet…Fathom?

…Allow me my SQUEEEEEEEEEEE moment as Spidey shares a table with the guys from Aspen comics)

7) Then of course, watching my wallet being pulverised in the wake of So-hooo-hoooooooo many good things. If there are humans out there that like “same difference” by Derek Kirk. The kind that shoves painfully realities blunt end first into your eyes and can still make you laugh….try David Tang He’s stinkingly good.

Other purchases of note included Ghost in the Shell Box set, Bone and Jason Rand’s Small Gods.

I think I should be going…more drool and dribbles later.

How’ s everyone else doing?

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