Till Tech do us apart.

Dear Powerbook G4 (1.67gHz PowerPC G4)

It’s been 6 years.
You have been my general, my conspirator, my friend, my comrade, my backup musician, my heaven and my absolute joy, my shiny toy.

It’s been my honour to have you, fight with you and work with you…
But for the last 1 year…and only in the last year.

Youtube videos won’t play on you – and if they do everyone in it looks like they are strobbing or have parkinsons

My Tweetdeck won’t work without me shutting everything else down

My CS3 is saluting me with a permanent rainbow ball

Logic gives me the permanent finger

Safari loads funny and you can’t handle the shiny things on the new sites though my broadband can

You make scary helicopter noises when I load a DVD or CD so I never know when the secret SAS is coming for me and my ninjas or if you are still just trying to entertain me.

Your speakers have blown up and your jacks look like they have conjunctivities of the red glowing kind.


You won’t let me play plants vs Zombies.

I love you. You’ve worked hard and you will always have a place of honour in my heart. You are still fighting strong….
But the tech has come, has grown and has left you behind.

the new mac must come and it must be done today.

In the climate of exploding wallets and the empty vault that is my bank account and my heart

it must come today.

but you will always have a place in my heart. I love you very much

When the new mac comes all 80gigs of you will be wiped and then loaded with music and food recipes and yes…you can still help me blog. It’d be my honour. Till even more insane Tech renders one/both of us catatonic

Music and Food Recipes and blogs. My 3 loves. I will share them with you till our end of days.

You will live out the days in my living room and/or in my kitchen. If you’re not beaming beautiful tunes, you shall be beeping recipes when I’m pretending to be Iron chef and we shall still share a good tale. Always.

Yes for the rest of your days my old general. You will do only those things that we’ve done so well together. No more. Hopefully no less.

Rest better soon.
I love you.
Hang in there… at least till I get this newsletter out and back the crap up of you. Don’t die don’t die don’t die….

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