The best way to get a computer, a gig, and pretty much anything you want etc…

This week’s lesson in life and anime. If you need something, there’s always blackmail.
Ingredients needed:

. A bijin (beauty)
. Preferably male targets
. a total utter lack of compassion or sense of guilt
. oh…and a camera

Much as the cute geek boy in the Anime didn’t deserve THAT, I’ve just of course realised that I can pretty much execute this on many deserving booking agents who consequentially happen to be male. And of course, I’ve also realised that many of my she-minions… are rather fetching creatures. Any volunteers? (Beautiful cross-dressers are also welcomed…even more so actually) You have, after all asked me to perform in your neck of the woods.

Now where is my camera?

Yes booking people, if you are reading this, consider this a warning…. quit dicking around with me. I will make you offers you cannot ..ahem…refuse

As you can guess, there are some pretty horrifying booking tales I can offer to the table today, but eh…I’m off to write more murderous songs to cull my anger. It is a much preferred mode of activity this morning.

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