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All along the watchtower

I has new neighbours. Most times it’s fun to have new neighbours, my last neighbours were naked…alot. These ones are noisy..alot.

I think they are a musicky bunch. 3 Kids. I think. One plays the piano, one the violin and the other owns a drum set.

So far, the one with the piano has been playing inspector gadget for a month and still not getting it past 1st verse.

Violin person is trying to play the Simpson’s opening theme song and hasn’t gone past the 4th note, for a month.

The Drummer, drums at 7.30pm when I’m fresh out of the studio, and need to be music free for awhile….and…well he’s learning…but the drumming’s very bad and I’m too polite to tell him to stop. Except he does stop, intermittently, and picks up a completely different rhythm before he masters the last. I want to twat him on the head to tell him to practice properly.

Then I hear the tunes of inspector gadget again with the same wrong notes since last month and I want to fire missiles from the strings of my all powerful zither.


This entry is brought to you by your royal cranky, who should really be kinder to budding musicians.

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