Still writing and wrangling with code

Ah…the life of a muso/ DIY code monkey wannabe.

See I thought I left all that programming crap behind in Uni and I could do this piano girl thing full time.

So if you happen to be reading this from the main site, and not facebook, well, here’s an interim website quietly launched. I’m not quite done yet though, so you need to be patient with your royal madness – who is really not a very good CSS monkey.

Meanwhile…there are things a brewing. Shh…there’s a long awaited piece of paperwork that I’m waiting on before I announce the arrival of a secret, not so secret anymore project..
There’s photos from the video shoot coming up too…
Oh yes…and shows are on the way.
Apologies for all the mystery. I promise it’s not long now. Meanwhile the answer for everything else…is always and ever will be.


Back to code world amidst an attendance in Song Summit where the track “Disconnected” has been selected by a panel for review.

I wonder what happens when songs get analysed and dissected. Will 45cc of pure adrenalin stat bring tunes back to its original perkiness?

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