Sniffles but back

*Comes out of the covers, looks left, then right…looks under the covers to double check, glances surreptiously at the demon of a flu virus that still lingers, and asks “Are we still doing this today, so many many pills…woah the colours…”*

It’s been awhile since a bout of flu has knocked me out for 2 whole weeks…well almost 2. I am guessing that my body has forgotten what flu is after what feels like an eternity of cease-fire from the beast. So *sniffles* where the hell were we?

Oh yes stories stories stories. Get these babies out of the way so we can have some new ones eh?

On catching up with old acquaintances

Airport Catch ups

Last minute airport catch ups with 2 long time friends before I head back to Australia. Thanks for the send off dudes! One of them professes that I used to save her head from exploding in Chinese class from time to time….with gaffer tape. Gaffer tape helps. The other is someone whom I’ve known since I was 3, somehow, we went to the same music schools, the same kindergarden the same convent school. Which really translates to…we have so sooo much dirt on each other 😛

Always good to hear that old friends are traveling well and generally being happy beings. And of course, swapping stories of our various adventures was the highlight, wish there was more time, so I’d definitely have to spend more time catching up the next time I land in that area.

Some good some bad.
Some catch ups good. Some catch ups bad. Some I want to lobotomize my head so I don’t feel and don’t remember. Especially those that dissolve into lifestyle comparisons about who’s got what and how much better we’re doing than them etc… It’s funny that as you age, your tolerance level for obligatory meet ups diminish past the point of zero. Toxic meet ups like that feel like bad seafood to me, you’re sick to the stomach and you wonder why you didn’t smell it coming.

Truly, I rather be hanging around with friends and discussing the important issues like…hmmm… what kind of brain has the most fiber for a healthy zombie diet.

Ok more stories coming…but we take a break because the force has been disturbed and I have been tagged by Sofie to answer the following. 5 reasons why I blog.

1) I am paranoid. I live in the constant fear of having my brains scrambled by a psychopath with chopsticks. In my dream, he jams the chopsticks up through my nose and I forget who I am and become a psycho killer servant of destruction with no memories. This journal might be the one that saves me…or is all that is left of me.

2) I don’t know, but something about the minions here addressing me as “Mistress” and other forms of godhood is good enough to keep me here and wanting more.

3) Because the other alternative is expensive therapy sessions.

4) There’s no one else to talk to here except me, the house and the voices in my head…

5) Because my cat said, “go forth and blog”…

Now I tag thee. Why the hell do you blog…5 reasons.


I said …Go.

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