Quietude now…except for the chickens

No I haven’t gotten kidnapped by anyone made of initials, I haven’t become suddenly rich. I am still spinning here and though you might be able to choke some album details out of me by im-ing me I am sure as hell going to try and not spoil the surprise for you lot.

My biggest achievement of the months of silence is that I have perfected the art of quiet recording by following the schedule below.Ok other than the fact that I am also about 6 tracks into the album….sorta thing.

9.15am – chicken truck. parks with idling louder than harleys for 30 mins av ( no recording but can do midi stuff)
9.45am – chicken truck leaves
3am – rubbish truck belonging to chicken man parks in truck engines run for 20 min as they empty dead chooks
6.45am – rubbish truck here for florist – more truck noises

any other time makes for uninterrupted recording zones except weekends

10-ish. neighbour’s lawnmower butchering the garden and my recording time
11 – neighbours want to kill each other, usually it’s an argument about money. still waiting for them to kill each other so I can record some screams…so far no success

Friday nights –

kids and their doof doof cars – sometimes I borrow their beats to make new tracks. most times I envision making voodoo dolls of them and disconnecting their spinal cords with much relish.

at times I want to feed the voodoo dolls to my imaginary cat to play and eat.

yes yes yes, other than that my recording process is pretty noise free once I follow the above schedule.

No…other than that it’s slow news day. I’ve stumbled upon very interesting pieces of research for the sake of this album but then if I told you, the smart arses amongst you would piece it all together now and tell me what my album is going to be about and I will have to be doing the rather inconvenient thing of having to silence you.
which would be decidedly inconvenient for all of us. wouldn’t it?

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