popcorn 2

Second piece of popcorn. Nursing a cold at the moment. Woke up with it. Apparently, my body is just not giving me a break at the moment, might have caught the virus while packed in the Cinema watching Transformers.

Awesome mindless entertainment.

Gigs in Singapore

Yeah I spoke about that before. But I didn’t actually tell u what happened in our second show in Singapore yeah? Let’s just say that there was a minor miscommunication between the organisers of the arts fest and the army and we ended up fighting for Sonic shout space with the Singapore Army who were rehearsing for their national day parade at the same time that we were performing.

I’m pretty sure the audience didn’t see/ hear much of it..or maybe they didn’t mind the remixes. But…when you are performing and your ears are like a bat’s you hear the army anthems good and it was disconcerting to hear happy, nationalistic anthems dwelling in some of my tunes.

I mean I don’t remember drums to the beat of swing in my songs and was it trumpets? and whooping cheering things…maniacal laughter yes but cheers of nationalistic joy are another tale to be told by another girl.

Then there were the army boats parked at the waterfront across where we were performing. I keep picturing a blitzkrieg of the stage via land, sea and air. Especially the sea.

I don’t think I do well with authority figure type things. Bah.

Ah well…it’s not everyday that u get to sing to a nation’s army…if they were listening.

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