murderous thoughts

Just lost a post…so I’m a little evil.
—Warning – if you see yourself as a pretty moralistic individual, you might prefer to look away …now.—-They are after all theories I pull out of a pretty psychotic head, I trust you will do well to dismiss them. So there.

Delusions aside, Earth time is really one down from Hell. I mean, in hell you know you’ve fucked it all up and the pressure’s over . On earth, you can be stuck in a bowl of pretty acidic crap and still have to decide over the issues of god damned moralities.

It’s a bummer. That’s why I don’t do religious discussions well. Nor do I understand the concept of good and evil. I tell you what I DO understand though, tis the concept of convenience—namely, principles of attaining a balance between long term vs short term benefits and convenience

That I understand. Allow me to illustrate with a few practical examples from my daily life.

Attaining Radio Airplay 101

Short term convenience – Hire a bazooka, hold a heist at triple J or any other major radio station, put a gun to their heads or better yet de-animate everyone, take over the station for 5 – 20 minutes, depending of pig intelligence.(See footnote) Stick my album in, hit PLAY. Then interview myself — the psycho singer chick
Benefits: I get my airtime. The broadcasted gun shots will be something to remember.
Even when I get caught, I will be a big time anti celebrity…freaking YAY-ness!
Cons: It will be decidedly inconvenient once the cops bust in on my act.
It will also be decidedly inconvenient when I have to enjoy fame from prison, or the authorities could go one up, send me back to Singapore, where they will dangle me from a rope.

Ding Dong Bell.
Yunyu goes to hell.


So really, it isn’t the concept of Good and bad that stops me from being a murderous, psycho brat. It really is about the concept of convenience. A lot (definitely not all) of “bad” actions come from the need to fulfil some sort of short term benefits, then of course, you screw up the minute you act on it.

So I guess life is really about trying to find that balance between long term and short term benefits and convenience, otherwise known in the normal realm as GOOD vs EVIL.

Take the concept of societal morals.

What really prevents you from murdering your fellow human bean? The reasons really vary, depending on how you have been schooled:

The religious will tell you that it’s the concept of heaven and hell. Being in hell and burning for all eternity I guess…is decidedly inconvenient. That’s probably why we don’t kill the asshole behaving like a total dick in your office.

The scared will tell you that you get thrown in jail. Which is again…decidedly inconvenient.

So what really really holds it all together? My theory is only that if we are truly allowed to kill each other at will, without societal payback, the world on the whole becomes unsafe, i.e decidedly inconvenient.

So we have laws, we have rules..that basically say, I won’t be an asshole if you won’t. Together we can TRY and live happily ever after. Of course when all fails, we have what is known as war.

That’s really all that’s keeping me from spraying everyone at an Australian Idol concert and the like.

Back to the spidey lair for me…this post is decidedly…

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