Lenore's Video clip is DONE!!

As of last Friday,

Lenore’s Song was declared complete. Trish Cahill (Senior colourist, Superman Returns) handed the tape gingerly over. Hushed silence befalls the crewe, as the crew no longer wants to incur the cold wrath of Lenore.

In Lenore’s wake, we mourn the loss of 7 machines and a spooked editor. The crew hopes that Lenore’s machine killing spree ends here.

Please, Ladies and Gentlemen, spare us a minute of silence for our fallen machine comrades who have died for the sake of great art. They are:

2 apple powerbook G4
1 Apple G5
1 2GB ram
1 External drive
2 digibeta tape transfer machines.

Now that we’re done with the dramatics. I’ll be spending the next few days burning DVDs or CDs of the clip for my loyal minions who buy the album.

Have locked in online release at 1st week August (if Australia post doesn’t fail me)

More in a bit, I must head back to Spidey’s lair! Busy Busy times.

One comment

  1. sofie


    Hurrah, long live Lenore!

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