Introducing…the third single from Twisted Tales… BUTTERFLIES

How’s tricks? I’m happy to announce that the next single Butterflies has been made part of a hidden track for the awesome Kylie Chan and Queenie Chan’s book Small Shen (available via a QR tag at the back of book.)


Small Shen, the prequel to Kylie Chan’s best-selling “White Tiger” Chinese fantasy series. For those who haven’t heard trilogy introduces Emma Donahoe, who takes a job as nanny to the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Unaware at first that he is in reality a Chinese god, she is drawn into a world of martial arts and magic where gods and demons walk the streets.

Small Shen will be released through Harper Collins and will be available in all good book stores. More here

Read a preview and enjoy some of Queenie’s art here small-shen-some-art/

Butterflies is a musical track about star-crossed lovers and part of the album Twisted Tales.It is also based on a Chinese tale Butterfly Lovers. You can read all about it Here

Anyways…more coming this fri. Where I unleash the video clip directed by the very talented Tahnee McGuire (Hatch Films)  – she also directed Lenore’s Song.

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  1. Alex



    That’s great! I love the Dark Heavens and Journey to Wudang Trilogies by Kylie Chan – she’s certainly one of the great Australian fantasy authors. I was really excited to hear about Small Shen.

    I’m really looking forward to the next single, I’ve heard that story from my mother many times in the past and watched some of an animated adaptation of it. It’s will be amazing to hear your interpretation of it, and not only because your music is so wonderful 😀

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