I promise I won’t be long

long absence. much apologies. how is everyone?

I have been writing. I’m using another strange part of my brain where I talk to midgets and goblins. Mostly goblins.

My writing has changed. I don’t know if it’s an upcoming writer’s block but I can hear harpies in my mind. Somehow my mind has sprung cancerous harpies enmasse where everything my muses or I create has been torn apart. I don’t know what this means yet. But I’m just going to write and still write until the harpies die or I impress them so much they disapear into a puff of explosive pus pimple that they are supposed to be.

The other cause of distraction is of course my determination to get some production ideas down myself. Which means becoming a tech monkey of sorts…my producer Sofie Loizou has removed all excuses not to become a tech monkey by setting up my studio.

I have run out of excuses not to face the tech demons. I’m facing it.

and then I’m facing it.

It’s a tough monkey. I’ve learnt the importance of chronic work saving. Only because my musical universe/files/programs/midi interface keeps crashing.

I need RAM.

More news in 2 seconds. Meanwhile, you much forgive the sudden drop in blog frequencies. I am determined to get into that writing zone of no return…

take care of my universe while I’m gone?
I promise I won’t be long. Don’t break anything while I’m gone ok?

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