How to summon spiders ( a pictorial illustration)

I’ve been hearing all too many requests to play in your neck of the woods dear minions. It makes me happy, very happy, but it also makes me feel like a dancing chicken with a discarded neck.


Here’s an illustrated answer as to why, and how you can help us get to play where you are , muses and all.


Thing is…alot of this happens when I try and book a show….



It peeves me a little, this geographical thing. So near yet so far…All of you minions combined in the interweb number in the thousands, but at in any localised situation, well, the dismal numbers are surreptiously listed in the comic of sorts above.

But I guess what I think I may have come up with a way to solve the “How many can your gig bring ?” problem and how I can definitely come to your neck of the woods if not to catch up, at least to bite off your neck for the incessant gig requests and the resulting headaches.

No worries though, my minions, I think I might have solved the problem. With this


Guide to Summoning spiders

Go here. It’s an events demand place. Use it to summon me. Steps are as follows :

1) Go to this link
2) Scroll to the bottom to see if a demand for the city you live in has already been created
3) If not, create it, else add to the existing demand.
4) When you tell your friends about your royal madness, and they are excited about the music, hypnotise/scare/bewitch them into joining in the demand in your area
5) If you have an online altar, go

I’d be waiting for you to summon me minions….

Till then, I shall be entertaining you from spidey’s lair and keeping an eye and a ear out to your summoning….

Coming up: Gigs in Singapore, Sydney, random tales and more….

PS: Apologies to the booking agents who have booked many of my previous shows. Thanks for hearing me out and letting me play.

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