First single of Twisted Tales – Dorothy Out now

Twisted Tales is a music-manga -animation album/collaboration that propels fairytales into a modern paradigm.

Yunyu, a triple j Unearthed winner teams up with New York Times #1 Bestseller Manga Artist Queenie Chan and leading animators the Commonist  to produce a multi-media music experience to be released episodically kicking off with the single and film-clip titled Dorothy.

Yunyu’s Dorothy has been blown away by the Kansas winds again. This time,a she is a cosmonaut finding herself stuck in space. Yunyu’s version is based on the urban legends of lost cosmonauts who lie forgotten in space. Here Dorothy muses that she’s not in Kansas anymore and that her magic shoes will not return her to Earth.

The film clip is a compelling animation that rivals the very best of animators.

Opening with JFK’s Rice University speech about the space program, Dorothy comes to life in a multi-media music experience that emotionally propels you into the dire predicament of being lost in space.


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Great reviews from AIR


Read the full review here. Says some really cool things about the video too!!

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