eh…finally an all ages gig

It’s been awhile but starting up the gig machine yet again. These days it’s been a loop of activities like that. Gig for abit, go online for a bit…write for abit…so forth…I’ve lately found a way to survive on 3 hours sleep.

check out this crazy labrat. Of course, I’m tempted enough to try it on meself. I cannot tell you how useful an extra 20 hours will be for me.

Here are details of my next gig. 18+ ONLY. (Younger readers scroll downwards)

Location: Kelly’s Irish Pub
Time: 8pm
Date: March 14th

Irish pub gig

Then there’s an ALL AGES gig coming up on April 1st. So if you have been discriminated because of your age…Here’s your chance to roam free in my realm

Details on here
Time and other itty bitty little bits TBC. But see you all soon

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