Dorothy journeys round the interweb

Dorothy from Twisted Tales has surely travelled. Her Royal Madness is very happy and has ordered me (by holding my last piece of radish ransom…) to put all the links by all the awesome people round the internets who have so far put Dorothy on their blogs and publications here:

Lost at E Minor

artsHub Featured Artist Profile

ABC’s Rage TV music video program

ABC’s Dig Music digital radio station

Spotlight Report



The Curious Brain | Tansy Rayner Roberts

KiKi & Tea

I should also mention the Tweet by Neil Gaiman. Since her Royal Madness was indeed very happy about this occurrence and upped my radish rations for that day. Here’s hoping she does it again. (the rations I mean)


 Really loved this video and song – 

Thanking you for the linkage! And a hearty Congrats to Her Royal Madness’ collaborators Manga Artist Queenie Chan and The Commonist!!

This post is written by The Goat. Most times he wears a mask and prances about on stage while her Royal Madness performs. Online, he has recently been ordered to write all the publicity stuff. In some cultures, he is referred to as the town crier, but this isn’t quite accurate. He doesn’t cry…he mostly bleats.

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