Dorothy is out…with the silver shoes

We’ve worked hard….tks for being so very patient. Dorothy is now out and I’m a puddle of happy tired.
I’ll let u check the press release here
Meanwhile an uber uuuuuber nice review from AIR (Australia Independant Radio) which is a very big deal. We’re ARTIST OF THE WEEK!! And Dorothy just came out today! It’s like finding CAKE and then more CAKE!!

…especially when I read the following:
“She’s enigmatic, dramatic and maybe even visionary. We sincerely hope Yunyu finds an audience broader than the manga and gothic literature enthusiasts that currently make up her fanbase. If ‘Dorothy’ is a sign of things to come then the rest of “Twisted Tales” is surely going to be enthralling”

Read the full review here. Go I’ll wait here…you haz to reads it!!

Says some really cool things about the video too!!
It’s a really nice review. I wish I knew who the reviewer was. I like that my perceived strangeness is so well accepted. It’s all very flattering. 🙂
Ps: I’m not sure about being “visionary” I know I hallucinate alot…so I suppose that counts Pps: if you are having hang ups about why Dorothy has changed her wardrobe from those famous red shoes to silver.

Read this.

Dorothy only wore them to show off the technicolor technologies…so I’m giving her her lost shoes back.

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