*Opens a creaky dusty webby like looking blog door that has been abandoned for weeks*
How’s all?

Still here?

It’s been a good coupla weeks, hasn’t it? Your royal madness had to resort to silence while the writing machines are being fired. So here I am now almost done with my demo phase of the new album. Actually, the recording of the first of 13 tracks starts in the next couple of weeks, I’m a mixture of relief and happiness.

There have been a couple of beeps from you regarding what the hell the next album is to be, and I have been silent. Some of the more enthusiastic amongst you have thrown expletives at me in frustration, at which I can only cackle.

Patience I say. It will be revealed soon. The curse of a concept album (yes concept, u heard right…old school shit) is that u don’t say u are doing one until u have finished writing most of the demo tracks and your producer likes them. This is so that your muses don’t seize up from performance anxiety and start not…performing. (Note: this is not an invitation to Viagra spammers) So here I am, mostly finished with 13 tracks, and writing more tracks in case some don’t meet the cut.

Though I can’t say much of what exactly it is I’m writing, (because it is a surprise) but I can tell u that writing these tracks have been twice as fun as writing the ones on the first album, which consequently means that it was twice as difficult. The key difference was that the first album was a personal,i.e cathartic one, while this one involves writing other people’s stories, which translates to ton loads of research. Having a mild case of self induced multiple personality disorder helps.

On average, 1 song has taken up to 2 weeks to research and conjure. The worst of the lot has taken 8 weeks because my brain implodes everytime I think about it. A songwriter traveling around with a concave head is not a good look whatever some might say. To top it off, there was an attempt on my end to build the musical styles around the characters/ stories I write about in the songs, which means some new musical territories for me. Whether I have pulled this off remains to be judged, by you, minions. There, the highness has become the all pleasing slave.

All this research and sometimes painful song wrangling also means that as the singles get released, I have heaps of stories to tell about them like a proud rabid parent with a screaming child. Not all is a pretty picture, then again it never is. That’s why you are here isn’t it?

So there it is, singles will be released starting febuary next year and u have an album in waiting. I have said this for a good part of last year and I’m glad the process is finally falling into gear.

On another note, the blog frequencies will be back to a near weekly basis from now, I’m a spider out of her cave.

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