And So begin the popcorn stories

How’s all? Again.

10+ days away from the net felt like a lifetime. It’s a strange abyss of emptiness without the net I might add.

PS: thanks for the spam like links for your royal madness to seek help for internet addictions. You minions are real smart arses aren’t you? I told you that I can quit any damn time I want.

*Digs her claws further into her router as she says this*

Back in the land of OZ and huddled in Sydney enjoying the winter. I have just about made it through your emails…ok most of it. The newly arrived huddled masses of emails will have to wait for a bit. But I’ll get to it I promise.

Plans for the rest of the year are more shows (an anime convention in Sydney perhaps?) and then the writing of the next album. It’s about time I got to working on the next because I’m so itching to write and if I don’t soon I might spontaneously combust and my ashes would comprise of some really rude words.

More shows you say? When are you gigging in my town. Believe me when I say your royal madness is working on it. Hopefully speaking with some people who might be able to help with tours. Meanwhile I thank u for your patience and persistence, my minions who wait…and wait…and wait….gah

Damn the non-invention/ commercialised use of the TARDIS and flight taxes. Yes your royal madness has been going a little Dr Who crazy of late. I do like the geeky men.

Yes…now for the stories posted through the hours. They shall be weaved like pop corn. Of brief existences, crispy but ever so satisfying…we hope.

*Hands you the first of many miniscule but figurative pop corns.*


Recently birthday-ised. Usually I cower under the covers to wish my birthdays away. You see, there’s this warped logic that if I was never actually born then I can’t actually die or age or whatever else it is you mortals do. And if Birthdays can never find me…then I’m immortal aren’t I?

Heh…denial is a cheap drug. So you will allow me that yeah? Also parties, have I told you I fear parties?

So yes…with the exception of this year and another few couple of times I’ve been sprung birthday surprises…I’m really barely 10…maybe 15….

Still a warped thanks to the birthday ninjas who cornered me into a new age.

Your lying lying denying denying paranoid neurotic arachnid.

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