She-hitler's in charge today

Finished editing footages for the gig. (almost tore my head out…no not just hair)

Next up: I battle for grants that let me tour. Anyone that knows of a cute pub they’d like me to play in…wherever you are…best speak up now :). It helps me know where to go.

And yes…today I am she hitler…the rest of the soppy soppy muses are asleep today after an SS brown shirt party.

Happy Belated Halloween

Just letting you know that I have placed “Lenore’s Song” ( Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s –The Raven) for download on . It’s only going to be available for 2 weeks. So if your minion asses are slow…you’re not going to see it till next year…when I release the album…

Also, Lenore’s Song has made it to Pop Culture Radio podcast. HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. The track has been kindly parked just beside Chris Walken’s rendition of “The Raven”…Heh…now you get to see Lenore’s Song’s direct influences. Tis’ a good radio blog. Go download.

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