thank u and the art of paid pimping

First, a short thank you. 1) for buying the album 2) For spreading it. The spider queen has managed to cover rent this month which is some pretty unusual news :P.

Meanwhile keep spreading and sending your friends over. I’ve arranged discount deals with Earshot music. If you buy more than 1 copy, you get Aus$5 off each CD. So hypnotise your friends into some bulk buying with you. It’s an unusually bonding activity.

Else there’s always CDBABY

Also, instructions on how you can make money pimping me here

Hey some side money for the blog’s always good right 🙂

Now, equally importantly, I’m curious to know what happened to the Tattoos and Stickers I gave you? Ok , We know what Youri Zoutman did. but I was also hoping to be sent pictures of tattoos/ stickers being stuck on butts, armpits and boobs.

You know, some visual entertainment. So I can put it up on my site and by my bedside table with other collectibles — and feel a whole lot better about the world and myself.

As opposed to baby butt kissing. which is publicity reserved for politicians…

–Album Spiked Soul now available on CDBABY and Earshot Music (Australia)
Includes DVD, freebies and more (while stocks last)


  1. meist3r



    O Mistress where art thou?

    I’ve tried to send you some “pimp my body” pictures upon your request. But unfortunately the “spideys-“account from the “email contacts” page doesn’t seem to work. My opera gives me this:
    The message identifier is: 1GM3BP-0006oJ-EL
    The date of the message is: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 17:53:33 +0200
    The subject of the message is: Minion Markus Makes Memorable Mistakes

    The address to which the message has not yet been delivered is:

    spiders -at-
    Delay reason: mailbox is full

    Were else can I send you these or is there a way I can upload them into the blog?


  2. Yunyu



    done. should be abel to send now. serious spam battle

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