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I’ve started hitting radio land. DIY style.

The first attempt was via mail. The postal service screwed that up by eating the package. So, wearing my undefeatable aluminium hat of intense paranoia, I walked into the station to hand deliver it into ABC studios, Sydney Australia.

The homeland of triple J. The very gods of the radio station who unearthed the monster u see today. For those not in australia, “unearthed” is like the underground equivalent of IDOL.

The only difference is that it is Cooler and has more cred. (so I said :P)

Now minions, you must hit this link obsessively compulsively and request Lenore’s Song obsessively compulsively.

They have the entire album, I saw them make off with it. Hit here Pretty please? Maybe with some airplay I can scam some gigs starting with Sydney and work my way to Melbourne and beyond Australian shore. Meanwhile minions, u need to help me by clicking this link and requesting Lenore’ s song.

clickey this link?

Your humble spiderliness will be back shortly. the good news is that I’ve started writing again! I found my muses. thanks for all the well wishes on how to find the muses/ cure hiccups…back in LJ land shortly.

–Album Spiked Soul now available on CDBABY and Earshot Music (Australia)
Includes DVD, freebies and more (while stocks last)
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